Top 10 console to iPhone crossover games

The best console games to land on the iPhone

Iconic games touchdown on the Apple smartphone

FIFA 10 hits stores today across all platforms and makes a highly anticipated debut on the iPhone to boot.

To mark EA’s footy general stepping out on hallowed smartphone turf for the very first time, we've scoured the entire App store to find the gaming icons that have successfully leapt from console to Apple's all-conquering device.

Assassins Creed- Altair's Quest
Step into the shoes of hooded Master Assassin Altair and embark on a quest to recover a mystical object known as "The Chalice". Altair's quest is a prequel to the highly acclaimed Assassins Creed and Ubisoft have pulled out all the stops to ensure that the quality of the franchise continues onto the iPhone. The historical backgrounds are fully rendered in 3D and make for impressive viewing. Action/adventure fans need not look any further.
Price £2.99

Doom Resurrection
The grand daddy of all first person shooters remains one of the best to this date. id Software has given its baby a full blown make over, designing the game from scratch to harness the full power of the iPhone. The tilt controls can take a little getting used to but they are well worth mastering so you can blast away at flaming skulls all while reliving the nostalgic memories from 1993 all over again.
Price: £3.99

Guitar Rock Tour
Sounding suspiciously similar to another well known franchise, Guitar Rock Tour fulfils all your wannabe-musician needs. Get your fingers ready and rock out to 17 different tracks including such classics as "Beat it" and "Smoke on the Water". Once you've had your fill and mastered those tricky solos, check out Guitar Rock Tour 2 for 18 additional songs.
Price: £1.79

Need For Speed Underground
EA's flagship driving title parks up on the iPhone with impressive results. Choose one of 20 dream cars including everything from the new Lamborghini Gallardo to the old school classic Ford Mustang GT. Pimp your ride by adding new body kits, wheels and splashing out on custom paint jobs, while rocking out to music from your own iTunes library as you battle your way through 24 covert missions and 8 race modes.
Price: £2.99

Even though the game is a stripped down version of SimCity 3000, it still has more than enough features to keep you occupied on those long train journeys home. Choose from three different time periods and then watch your City take shape or feel free to unleash havoc in the form of Mother Nature.
Price: £2.99

Super Monkey Ball
After becoming a veritable hit on Nintendo consoles, those little platforming monkeys can now scramble their way onto an iPhone near you. The iPhone's accelerometer really comes into its own here, allowing you to control your chosen monkey by tilting the device. This makes game play remarkably similar to the Wii version and is a worthy addition to the list.
Price: £2.39

A gaming icon which has stood the test of time, Tetris, a simple yet masterful game has provided worldwide entertainment for over 20 years. The timeless puzzle blockbuster has been given a glossy makeover for the iPhone release, but remains the same game that everyone knows and loves at the core.
Price: £2.99

Tiger Woods PGA Tour
The ultimate golf simulation makes more than a smooth transition onto the iPhone. Packing in 120 holes over 7 golf courses including fan favourites Pebble Beach and St Andrews, the game boasts impressive 3D visuals and swing mechanics which work well with the responsive touchscreen.
Price: £2.99

Time Crisis Strike
The undisputed king of all on-the-rails shooters, is now playable anywhere at anytime. It is surprisingly well executed on the iPhone touchscreen and a Lite version is available for free to give you a taste of it. Best of all, you don't need to feed in coins when the GAME OVER screen lights up.
Price: £2.99

Blasting your rivals into millions of slimy pieces is a pleasure now extended to the iPhone platform. Pitting your wits against AI or up to four of your friends in multiplayer mode, there's up to 50 challenges to unlock, which is sure to provide endless hours of comedy and entertainment.
Price: £2.99

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