Top 10 Best Shopping iPhone apps

Apps to help you shop smarter

Don't let your shop make you drop

It’s coming to that time of the year when you run around like a headless chicken trying to snare that overpriced silk scarf for your missus. But really there is no need to stress, well as long as you have your Apple smartphone nestled in your pocket at all times that is.

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To avoid the usual mayhem of wrestling through the crowds and fighting over the last Blu-ray player in stock, read below to see our Top 10 Best shopping iPhone apps

1. Amazon

Incorporating all the most familiar Amazon shopping features, the app also includes 'Amazon Remembers' which allows users to take a photo of an item with the iPhone camera, upload it to and find similar products which will be matched to your pic.

Price: Free

2. Red Laser

Finally, we have a barcode scanner on the App Store worth shouting about (the wait has been a long one, friends). Just like the ones you find down your local supermarket, you scan products to check prices and get reviews on items like books before you even pull the wallet from its pouch-like home.

Price: £1.29

3. Deals

Pulling together all the best bargains on eBay, there's also Facebook and Twitter integration, so you can join groups to help other bargain-hunters find the best deals as you tweet about your progress.

Price: Free

4. Ocado

Helping you get the weekly food shop out of the way, Waitrose's online store lets you search over 18,000 products and when your signal is failing on you, simply shop offline so you can stock up on as much wholesome couscous as you like.

Price: Free

5. Qype Radar

This pint-sized pocket guide let's you base your decision on reviews for locations across 15,000 cities and towns worldwide. Whether you require a fine Italian tailor or need to break for a bite to eat, this app should lead you to the appropriate destination.

Price: Free

6. My High Street

If you need to grab some deodorant from Boots, or a cheeky shirt from H&M, you can locate the nearest requested retailer with directions. You can also use Google Street View to see whether the premises is big enough to swing a cat.

Price: £0.59

7. Layar

For those of you who own a 3GS, you can now delve into the world of augmented reality. Simply point your camera lens at your designated point of shopping interest to receive bundles of useful information about the establishment right in front of you.

Price: Free

8. Price Runner

Giving you all the usual functions from the bargain hunting website, you can compare the best prices on the web and in stores to save yourself some money. The reviews section is unavailable for the app version, but that's still only a browser click away.

Price: Free

9. iHotUKDeals

Keep an eye on the very latest from the popular deal posting site and forums. So if there is a cheap PS3 player in the Tesco's in the other side of town, you can alter your journey home accordingly.

Price: Free

10. Local Sale Finder UK

For all your 2-for-1 vouchers, this money-saving app sends you vouchers directly from the retailers and merchants, so you don't have to rely on waiting for that forwarded email to land into your inbox before you can hit the shops.

Price: Free