title: 10 Fastest Tech Records Part 2 / url: 10-Fastest-Tech-Records-Part-2


6. Mach 2? Try Mach 9.6

Concorde might have gotten business bigwigs over the Atlantic in under three hours, at 1,320mph, but the world record for a jet-powered vehicle is a whopping 7,000mph, that's Mach 9.6, almost ten times the speed of sound. The Boeing X-43A, an unmanned, experimental scramble jet, could fly from London to New York in 15 minutes. 


7. Clarkson's bunch had to be in there somewhere...

During a test drive for BBC's Top Gear in 2010, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport became the fastest production car on the planet, clocking a time of 267.856mph, 14mph faster than the original Veyron's mark set in 2005. Thankfully, the speed will be limited to a mere 258mph for customer cars.


8. Who needs a jet powered motor?

Canadian cyclist Sam Whittingham holds the world land-speed record for an unpaced bicycle, travelling on a flat surface at 82.3mph. He's the first and only cyclist to date to have broken the demi-mach barrier and travel at 1/10th the speed of sound. Check out his Varna Diablo III bicycle in the video below, it's not your average Raleigh.


9. The fastest train on Earth

If, like us, you're fed up of spending you're entire sunday waiting for Arriva Trains to get you a couple of hundred miles across the country, then you're going to be even more sick after seeing what this Japanese Maglev train can do. Maglev means magnetically levitated, which means the train virtually floats on air, with magnets keeping it in in the vicinity of the track. Its top speed, posted in 2003 is 581kmph (361mph).


10. Smashing the next frontier:1,000mph on land

A group of British engineers is still aiming to smash the landspeed record set by the Thrust vehicle and cross the 1,000mph barrier with the Bloodhound SSC transonic rocket car currently being built in Bristol currently being tested in South Africa. The Bloodhound should be ready for a crack at the record hopefully some time later this year.