The 15 funniest internet technology videos

Some humour-heavy tech satire from the world wide web

OMG! This selection of tech-themed virals will make you ROFL with glee

We've spent eternal hours on YouTube sifting the good from the great to bring you the finest tech related viral videos ever to appear in cyberspace. There's some familiar classics mixed in with a few n00bs. Have we missed out your favourite? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

Before we start, let's kick things off with the GREATEST GADGET VIDEO OF ALL TIME!! This clip is exempt from the list due to it's sheer greatness. It is the standard bearer for us all.

1) The Matrix runs on Windows
Find out how deep the rabbit hole goes when Morpheus, Neo and chums are faced with a computer generated world, hosted on your avaerge Windows OS.
College Humor

2) David Lynch on the iPhone
Legendary movie auteur David Lynch challenges Apple's claim that watching movies on the iPhone is a worthwhile experience. The Blue Velvet helmer turns the air blue. Amen, Sir.

3) South Park goes Guitar Hero crazy
Stan and Kyle become dab hands at Guitar Hero and hence the coolest kids in school. Much to the dismay of Randy Marsh, the kids aren't interested in learning real guitar.
See part 1 of Guitar Queer-o here

4) The "Downfall" of HD-DVD
It's been about a year since the HD-DVD plane started it's decent into the mountain and Die Fuhrer is not amused.

5) PC crashes, German kid loses it
Ah, the old ones are always the best. Check out this hero go postal, like someone's just moved a beach towel from his deckchair.
Was ist das!!!

6) Does the iPhone blend?
Apple's cellphone creation may well offer full access to the internet, multitouch, Google Maps and 3G, but does it blend?
Well, does it?

7) I'm Highest Bidder!!
Weird Al Jankovic's side-splitting re-imagining turns Backstreet Boys' I Want It That Way into Bought it on eBay acted out here by this sombrero-donning hero.
I bid on Shatner's old toupe, they had it on eBay

8) Naked Gun GTV IV style
This ingenious spoof of a spoof comes from the clever barstewards at our sister site Lt Frank Drebin would be proud of this carnage.
Vehicular homicide here...

9) Leeeeeeroy Jenkins!
Internet legend Leroy Jenkins scuppers a meticulously planned Warcraft mission by announcing his name and steaming into a room full of monsters. Pwned!
See the greatest thing to ever happen in the WoW

10) Old people use computers
When people over 40 try to use computers, bad things happen according to our pals at College Humour TV.
The game show to end them all

11) Rejected Nintendo Wii games concepts
From the $5-an-hour Burger Flipping game to Tattoo Artist, heaven knows why these incredible ideas for Wii games were knocked back.
See the best of 'em here

12) The Mii Lebowski
For fans of the greatest comedy movie ever created, who're also fans of Wii Bowling, this video will complete your entire existence.
The Dude Abides here

13) What if the internet were a real place?
Mr Dave Chappelle, when you're right, you're right. The internet is a nasty, dirty place. But what if it were an actual place you could visit?
Check out the results from Chappelle's Show here

14) Windows '95 sucks!
The Rolling Stones' Start Me Up hit is hilariously bastardised for this all too accurate portrayal of why, Windows '95 did, infact, suck majorly.
It's Windows '95
, it's gonna suck me dry

15) Facebook Off
Nic Cage, eat your heart out (like you have one), this tech-savvy spoof will have you ROFL-ing and may give you some ideas to snare that girl of your dreams.
It's time for a Facebook Off