title: Best April Fools Jokes Part 2 / url: Best-April-Fools-Jokes-Part-2


New technology that can retrieve sounds from walls

An Indian scientist was able to harness the collection of atoms in the walls to find out what words have been spoken. Apparently, according to the source which had to be protected for 'security reasons', the sound waves disturbed these atoms and left an imprint and disturbance that could be measured and the original speech worked out. One of those 'so crazy it might be true' ideas... after all, 200 years ago they thought the radio was the work of the Devil.

Link: NDTV


Opera: Face gesture browsing (2009)

Browsing underdog Opera sprang face-gestures on the world in 2009. We were told it was possible to navigate the web via a series of elaborate expressions, but it warned that "users visiting sites that contain adult content sometimes make unconscious facial expressions". Genius.

You can still check out the Face gesturing browsing video here.


PC computing magazine: Don't Drink and internet (1994)

Editor of PC Computing John C. Dvorak brought news that drinking while using the net would soon be made illegal. The 1994 feature stated: "Congress thinks that being drunk on a highway is bad no matter what kind of highway it is." It was Bill 040194... or 04/01/94. Geddit?!


Sweden: Colour TV stockings (1962)

STV, then the only TV channel in Sweden, issued advice by "tech expert" Kjell Stensson on a new way to instantly convert black-and-white TV sets to colour. To take advantage of the "double slit interference" viewers had to stick a nylon stocking over their screen. Thousands of gullible Swedes slipped off their hosiery.


T3: The Ball-A.C.H.E (2009)

Our Ball-Assisted Cerebral Honing Exerciser provided virtual football training. Work experience hero Tommy Melville donned the device - cardboard body sensors and a visor - and ran around the park. Beats making coffee.


The Guardian: Twitter only (2009)

After 188 years The Guardian announced that it would begin publishing solely on everyone's top microblogging site. Yep, the rag was going Twitter-only, with stories such as: "Berlin Wall falls! Majority view of Twitterers = it's historic! What do you think??? Have your say."


The IWOOT mobile phone shave adaptor

Nothing says 21st Century technology like converged devices, and I Want One Of Those captured the imagination of the small-pocketed by 'unveiling' the Mobile Razor Attachment for your phone. "With six cutting-edge blades you're guaranteed a shave so close you'll feel you've been exfoliated" read the spiel, and April Fool's and tech grew that little bit closer.

Link: I Want One Of Those


The ThinkGeek WiiHelm

There's nothing like baiting the Nintendo brigade on April Fool's day, and especially those that are so lazy that the thought of waving around a WiiMote was too much trouble. So Think Geek made the WiiHelm to allow you to control the Wii with a controller strapped to your head and foot pedals for buttons. It even featured 'Saf-T-Lok' technology so you didn't throw the remote into the TV while headbanging...

Link: Think Geek


YouTube Rickrolls the UK

It's not often you see the bigger names wheeling out a sense of humour, but YouTube did just that when it decided to get involved with the Rick Rolling phenomenon.

When users landed on the UK homepage, they were greeted with the usual 'featured links', but instead of getting interesting documentaries on balloons popping or people falling down, every single video linked to Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up' music video.

Link: YouTube