title: Origin of tech names Part 2 / url: Origin-of-tech-names-Part-2


Origin of tech names Part 2


11/ Hotmail

Taking inspiration from the letters 'html', the language in which web pages are scribed in, the email giants were initially referred to as HoTMaiL. See what they did there?


12/ Hulu

We know it as the streaming video service that wont arrive in the UK until next year, but over in the States Hulu has been providing some of their finest shows for free since 2007. But where did the name originate from?

The word actually has numerous translations but the guys at Hulu.com opted for a couple of Mandarin Chinese definitions which mean 'interactive recording' and an 'allowed-out gourd used to hold precious things'. By 'precious things' we assume they mean an entire seasons of Lost.


13/ Intel

The processing power experts could have been sporting a name a lot less slick sounding if it had adopted its originally suggested guise. Founders Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore opted to go with the logical method of combining both their names, but ended up with Moore Noyce Electronics, which sounded a little too much like 'more noise'.

Integrated Electronics was proposed but had already been taken, so they took the syllables to form the name Intel, which they bought the rights to from a company called Intelco.


14/ Kodak

Created from a strong letter love-in by founder George Eastman, Eastman felt the letter 'K' was a powerful, incisive letter, and was unlikely to be mispronounced when people talked about his now iconic snappers.


15/ Microsoft

Recognising the fact that his company was focused on MICROcomputer SOFTware, Mr Gates took the beginning of both words and came up with Micro-Soft. The dash was removed some time later to form one of the biggest names in tech history.


16/ Motorola

Before the RAZR and the Aura, founder Paul Galvin began manufacturing radios for cars which at the time went under the guise of Victrola, in reference to the early phonographs. It turned into Motorola when Galvin blended the words Victrola and Motor to created the name more familiar to tech enthusiasts.


17/ Napster

The online music file sharing service that has courted more than it's fair share of controversy down the years, was simply inspired by founder Shawn Fanning's hair style-based nickname.


18/ Nokia

The former wood-pulp mill and paper manufacturer, who began life based at their factory in Tampere, Finland, later relocated to the Western Finland town of Nokia, giving birth to their company name.


19/ Samsung

Proprietors of plasma tellies and ultra slim laptops amongst other veritable tech delights, the Korean manufacturer's name translates as three stars in Korean, with reference to the number three being considered a lucky digit.


20/ Sharp

The Japanese company that brought us the Aquos and once brandished their name across Manchester United's football strip in the early 90s got their fine name due to their very first invention - an improved mechanical pencil, dubbed 'Ever-Sharp'. Soon after, founder Tokuji Hayakawa began referring to his small-time outlet as 'Sharp".


21/ Sony

In an Anglo-Latin mix-up, the audio tech heavyweights blended the latin word "sonus" and the American word "sonny" which meant a bright youngster. Akio Morita and co-founder Masuru Ibuka felt Sony suited them "Since we were sonny boys working in sound and vision," as Morita later revealed.


22/ Twitter

Picked from a list of names, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone felt the way birds communicate in "short bursts of information," led to the adoption of the word 'twittr'. The extra vowel was later added in.


23/ Wikipedia

While the second part of the name is pretty much self-explanatory, the first part has become the stuff of legend. 'Wiki' - which is used to describe website content that is designed to be edited by its users - is commonly understood as the definition for the ultimate pub quiz resource. It also means fast in Hawaiian.


24/ Yahoo

Defined as a person who is repulsive in appearance and barely human, founders of the once dominant search engine force Jerry Yang and David Filo considered themselves as 'Yahoos' and so consequently went with that name.


25/ Zippo

Helping you light up your ciggys in a far more sophisticated manner than one of those cheap plastic ones from the off-license. Zippo owes its name to founder of the the Zippo Manufacturing Company George G. Blaisdell who simply liked the sound of the word "zipper".