10 Tech Things... that make us happy

Instantly making you feel all nice inside...

There's plenty to be cheerful about this summer, but what about those unexpected tech moments that can instantly bring a smile to your face?

It has been said many times before that happiness is the key to life, and if that means the feeling of finding £5 in a jacket you wore five years ago or seeing an entire stretch of traffic lights turn green, they could well be on to something.

But what about those incidental moments that can also bring a smile to our faces? Here's ten we hope you agree are guaranteed to turn that frown upside down.

1. Hitting the zeros at a petrol pump

There’s just nothing like that feeling of overwhelming joy after landing a round number bang on when filling up your tank. One penny over, you’re a failure. On the money and you’re a hero. Shame each digit over costs around £90,000 these days.

2. Facebook interest

It’s just a little red circle, but in a virtual community where saying something interesting is the same as staying afloat, a notification means you’ve been noticed and that means you’ve been saved. Of course, the best bit is pre-click, at which point it could represent just about anything: a comment on your photos from Cambodia, a long lost reunion, an offer for casual sex… Oh… it’s an invitation to sponsor someone’s 5K run.

3. Clearing all notification icons from your screen

Out, damn spot! Will this panel of mail and social networking apps ne’er be clean? Those festering red marks are blights upon the beauty of that Super-duper AMOLED display. Emails going unread or Google+ never clicked upon is a sign of failure and moral turpitude. You know your granddad would smack you about the face if he heard you say that updating your apps was a chore. By wiping the slate clean, you’re taking back control of your life; regaining your aesthetic equilibrium.

4. Turning off a console without the TV being on

Making the mistake of switching the TV off first needn’t be a disaster if you can summon your innate navigatory skills. It may simply be a case of holding the middle button, then up twice, then select, but when flying blind it’s anyone’s guess. Then, as if cracking a heavy duty combination vault, the games machine clicks into sleep. You’ve landed without the instruments.

5. Enough charge

Anywhere above about 75 per cent battery is the safety zone. It leaves you confident of a drunken journey home spent playing games and listening to music at the highest volume possible. It’s the digital equivalent of that secure feeling you get when there’s an entire pack of toilet rolls in the bathroom.

6. Peeling off protective film

This is not only satisfying sensually, it also bonds you to your new device. You’re to be the first and last human being to touch its brushed aluminium surface when it’s completely virginal as pristine as newly fallen snow. You’re about to know it intimately. By shedding it of its factory fitted condom, it truly becomes yours. Your precious. You get the symbolism of what we’re saying here, yeah?

7. Resuming TV playback just as the adverts end

You’ve been studying the signposts for a decade – things like the sponsor messages either side of the programme and the channel’s various idents. You’ve harnessed the scanning skills necessary to pick them out as everything rockets by at 30x its normal speed. You’re on a par with those who can catch flies in their chopsticks. You can cheat the system. You’re amazing.

8. Having a song end just as you arrive home

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the car when this happens or if the sounds are coming from headphones as you strut through your ends. If the right song climaxes just as you plant a foot on your doorstep, it only strengthens your firm belief that the world is an epic music video in which you’re the star.

9. Correctly guessing an old password

Having not logged into Yahoo!, Myspace or your online savings account for some years, you can barely remember the email address you used to set it up, let alone the password. Relax. Try and work it back: how did your brain think back then? Oh yes, that’s it: “1L1ke69”. The virtual door opens, and you thank your little brain workers for tracking down that specific file from deep within the cabinet marked “early 2000s”.

10. Checking your phone just as a text comes in

Did it just vibrate? Or was that a phantom spasm coming from within your thigh, the source of which you’ve been meaning to talk to your doctor about? Turns out it was secret option C: You’re a bona fide psychic, and one whose powers have been tightly funnelled into the singular, if useless, forte of detecting incoming text messages moments prior to their arriva