Tech Rivals: When the mocking goes public

Tech's big names get catty...

Tech rivals: Whether it's Apple versus Samsung, or the infamous Mac versus PC debate, see the feuds which have spilled out into the public domain with our favourite tech rival mocking videos

We're not above a bit of mud-slinging by big tech companies - especially when the scrap spills over onto public television and YouTube. As Microsoft decides to take a very public dig at Google, we've assembled our favourite tech adverts by companies with scores to settle.

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Microsoft versus Google

The online ad entitled 'Googlighting is clearly aimed at the Google apps platform which is in compeition with Microsoft's own Office suite. "Beware the Googlighting Stranger" is one of the messages conveyed in the Microsoft advert which also makes light of Google deciding to kill off apps like Buzz and Wave.

Samsung Galaxy Note

If they are not doing it in the courtrooms, they are doing it in public. Samsung used its Superbowl 2012 commerical slot to firmly poke fun at Apple by mocking that standing in queue for a iOS device product is 'like detention'. Samsung even roped in the glam rock wannabe Justin Hawkins of British band The Darkness to ensure the audience wouldn't forget this ad in a hurry.

BlackBerry PlayBook

What's so special about browsing the internet on a PlayBook? Right now, we'd have to go with 'exclusivity'. But the selling point that RIM were really hammering this time last year was the tablet's Flash compatibility. However, delays, a less than perfect screen and a dirth of apps have seen BlackBerry's PlayBook take a tumble in sales that no amount of the Helicopter Game and Newgrounds videos can make up for.

Mitchell and Webb's I'm a Mac and I'm a PC

Macs are cool and creative, PCs are for squares, yeah? That's the message Apple were going for with this string of ads featuring Peep Show duo Mitchell and Webb as anthropomorphised PCs and Macs, respectively. Forgetting that Webb's Peep Show character Jezz is a talentless, self-deluding layabout who ends up trading sexual favours for a job in the music industry.

Battlefield 3 Above and Beyond the Call

Explosions! Guns! Dust! So what if Battlefield 3's launch trailer follows the same bish-bash-bosh formula that the Modern Warfare series does; the claws-out moment in this series of adverts comes in the closing seconds, when we get a flash of the tagline "Above and Beyond the Call". With Battlefield 3 disappearing in Modern Warfare's sales shadow, however, we don't reckon Infinity Ward will lose too much sleep over this.

Kindle versus iPad

Even with the Kindle Fire going after the tablet crown, Amazon are still hammering the original Kindle's e-ink screen, with this ad in which a flummoxed iPad user gazes slackjawed at the non-reflective properties of Amazon's e-reader. And definitely not the scantily-clothed supermodel attached to it.

Samsung Next Big Thing

Galaxy S2 Samsung's Galaxy S2 has already achieved technology's highest accolade (it's our Phone of the Year, dontcha know?), so if anyone's placed to go after Apple's iPhone 4S, it's Samsung. Witness the retinue of Apple devotees camped in line waiting for the next iPhone, while savvier gadgeteers cruelly parade their S2s around in front of them, boasting about their large screens and 4G connectivity.

GMail Man

A leaked internal Microsoft video, this painful advert for Microsoft Office 365 sees "Gmail Man" routing through people's private mail, muddling up keywords and being obviously lied to by a woman with cystitis he's rumbled after scanning her messages for keywords. "Burning sensation? No! I was talking about... burning... a sensational lasagne!" 'Course you were, love.

Marcus and PSP

The kid from Role Models chews out an iPhone user who's proudly telling us about a cool smartphone game he's downloaded. Turns out the Apple fan isn't playing "big boy games" and needs to "step his game up." Sod off, Marcus; we haven't all got squillions of hollywood dollars to blow on PSPs just 'cause we're bored of Angry Birds.

Saints Row BF3/MW3 Parody

However mad Modern Warfare's cold war fantasist's storyline gets, we're yet to have the pleasure of watching Captain Price crawl undetected through a minefield before beating an enemy commander to death with a huge rubber penis. Saints Row The Third took all that wireframe and crackly audio business and used it in a trailer that proudly jibes at all that overblown CoD and Battlefield machismo.

Motorola XOOM 1984

A parody of Apple's own parody advert (made in 1984 to support the release of the original Mac computer), this ad for Moto's Android tablet shows a grim, conformist future where worker drones march to the beat of their ubiquitous white earbuds. Except our hero, who fights the status quo and wins the heart of his true love with the use of his XOOM tablet. Shortly after the end of this video, he and the girl are lobotomised by the thought police and the XOOM is smashed to bits in the basement of the Ministry of Truth.