title: Tech Lives: Warwick Davis page 4 / url: Tech-Lives-Warwick-Davis-page-4

T3: Okay, so you said you are not a hardcore gamer, but which games console is best?

WD: What, now? PS3 is my preferred, but we have all of them now. PS3 I like for numerous reasons: it’s always got the games that I want to play on it. I don’t get on with Xbox at all, my kids do better than me. Wii is a good middle ground for everyone, even my wife gets involved with the Wii.

T3: What would you say is the one you’ve played the most in your life?

WD: That would be a toss up between PlayStation 2 and Atari 2600. The one with the wooden top that looked like it was from the 70s, that got a lot of play that did

T3: iPhone or Android?

WD: *No hesitation* iPhone.

T3: It seems famous people do tend to prefer iPhone.

WD: I’m a bit of an Apple disciple though, I sort of converted to it about six years ago. I was very PC and Apple always looked nice but I thought, “Nothing will work, I won’t be able to do anything anymore,” and then I was going off to film in New Zealand and my wife said, “Why don’t you get a Mac now and take it with you?” I bought the Mac but took my PC as well because I thought, “I don’t want to throw all my eggs in one basket and not be able to use it.” And then once I got there, I opened the Mac and never looked back.  It was just easier and it worked. Because I was constantly…with PCs back then, it may be different now, I was productive, but you spent half your time fixing the machine and getting it working.

T3: If you could make any gadget what would it be?

WD: A hoverboard. It could just kind of go up a little bit to reach stuff or to be able to move around on that same device, kind of like a Segway without wheels.

T3: You can make a hoverboard and somebody has, but it requires everywhere you go to have magnets in the floor, because it is based on magnetic repulsion.

WD: Okay, we’re kind of on the way then. Cars that drive themselves, I want that. I want that before I die. I love driving but there are a lot of times when I need to do work and if I haven’t got a driver then I can’t do it. So I want to start the journey do a bit of a drive then think, “Oh I’ve got to do that email.” Then the steering wheel slides out of the way and the car drives itself.

T3: The hoverboard would be awesome. All we need is magnets in the floor, everywhere you go. Is that too much to ask?

WD: You could have your floor magnetised, it might have health implications though

T3: Generally magnets are considered to be very good for you.

WD: What in the floor sucking your feet down all the time.

T3: You’re not made of metal.

WD: No, that is true. Although I do always set off metal detectors at airports and I don’t know why. I don’t have any implants or anything.

T3: People have like minerals and metals in their body, I suppose you’ve just got more of them.

WD: They were groping me and everything. They just shrug their shoulders in the end

T3: Is there any area of technology you’d like to switch off?

WD: Sometimes I wish email didn’t exist because it doesn’t take much to send off an email and fill up your inbox and I get a LOT of email. And that few words is simple but it takes ages for me to have to come back with a response. Whereas in the olden days we had to write a letter, type, post it etc. It takes a little more thought and there’s a filtering that goes on within that world.

T3: There’s a kind of editing process

WD: People would go, “It’s not worth writing a letter to him about that’ and you don’t bother, so that in itself eases all of it. You can send emails willy-nilly, no one is talking to each other and if that counts as a technology let’s get rid of that.