Tech for teens: 7 of the best

Youngster's gadget haven meets grown-up interior

Kids too old for toys? It can be tough to find the right bedroom decor. Italian company MAB provides a solution, balancing colour with function. The tech-savvy child is going to want a TV, console and music player – well s/he is the fruit of your loins after all – so here are our suggestions… some of them will suit big kids too.

1 Creative range by MAB
Festooned with black and white symbols from the world of music, this beech wood furniture has white and red fronts.
Link: Stemik Living

2 Xbox 360 250GB and Fable III controller
No kid’s room is complete without a console. Pair the Xbox 360 with this limited edition Fable III controller
Price: XBOX 360 £199 CONTROLLER £30
Link: Xbox, Amazon

3 Sony RDH-SK8iP
This 75W iPod speaker dock with remote control comes with a choice of interchangeable graphic fascias. The artistic can also create their own.
Price: £150
Link: Sony

4 Denon AH-D5000
On-ear headphones for music, movies and not disturbing your peace, god damn it. The light magnesium frame ensures comfort, while the wood housing gives a natural sound. The cable is 3m long with a gold-plated plug.
Price: £400
Link: Denon

5 O’Neill Moving
Day rucksack for work or school. The straps are well padded and it’s machine washable.
Price: £30
Link: O'Neill

6 Retro Sweets
Two kilos of sweets for the ultimate sugar rush.
Price: £25
Link: Firebox

7 LaCie Skwarim
This 60GB USB hard drive with LaCie Backup Assistant software is designed by award-winning creative Karim Rashid.
Price: £60
Link: LaCie