Tech Etiquette: Commuting

Navigating the rigours of... getting to work

Navigating the rigours of... getting to work

Get around this feature in a most excellent fashion:
Tech Etiquette: Guide to being a gadget Gent
Lesson the first: Style
Lesson the second: Facebook
Lesson the third: Smartphones
Lesson the fourth: Commuting
Lesson the fifth: Exercise
Lesson the sixth: Work email

Do: Test any headphones for noise leakage
Atomic Floyd and many Sony earphones sound great, but leak quite heavily. Try Sennheiser or Phonak earphones with deeper canal buds, perhaps. Best not to annoy the rest of the carriage.

Don’t: Talk loudly on the phone on public transport
Staggeringly, people still do this.

Do: Be thoughtful around satnav usage
If you’re the driver, think carefully about how much marital strife has been caused by map reading before demanding your passenger operates the GPS. Conversely, if you’re the passenger, realise that refusing to read the satnav is petty…

Don’t: Sit at a table seat by yourself and spread your gadgetry around
It’s obnoxious and you’ll only end up with a can of lager being spilled on your laptop when football fans join your carriage.

Do: Carry your gadgets in a container that does them justice
For the best iPad case, try the new iPad slim sleeve from T3 favourites Knomo ( It also makes very natty laptop bags.

Don’t: Forget to use earphones with your PSP or DS
The constant bleep-bleep-bleep of a handheld gaming machine will lead your fellow commuters to lynch you otherwise. Please bear in mind the point about earphone leakage, as well.

Do: Travel in style
Check out BA’s new business class flights. Pairing with OnAir, BA now gives you the go-ahead to use your smartphone’s browser and email onboard.