T3's World Cup technology starting XI

Our gadget dream team to enjoy the action in South Africa

If Capello had to pick a tech team, it'd probably look a little something like this

The FIFA World Cup kick-starts in South Africa today, and by the time you read this the action will already be underway.

While the UK scrambles to finish picking the fantasy football team in a bid to win office bragging rights, we're putting together our own dream team of the technology needed for the ultimate World Cup viewing experience.

There's still time to head down to your local electronics store and complete a glittering array of gadgets with more flair than Messi and power enough to make Rooney cower.

1) Samsung C7000 - £2,000

Give this Samsung HD 3D telly pride of place in your living room and you are unlikely to disappoint your viewing crowd. At 27mm, it is ultra thin and includes a Freeview HD tuner. While no England games will be shown in 3D in the home, you will be prepared when the 3D Blu-ray comes out.

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2) ITV Player app for iPhone - FREE

Live streaming of the 2010 World Cup on 3G means you'll barely miss a minute of action. Except the games that are on BBC. Where is that iPlayer app we were promised?

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3) Sahara Hooded 3 Burner BBQ - £265

What's an England World Cup game without a barbeque before, during and afterwards. The Sahara is a classic gas barbecue with a viewing window in the hood and the capacity to cater for the whole family plus guests.

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4) B&W WM2 outdoor speakers - £200

If you're having a barbie, you'll need some top notch motivational music to get the adrenaline pumping. We suggest some Digger Barnes rapping in World in Motion cranked right up to 11

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5) FIFA World Cup 2010 for Xbox 360
- £34.99

Block out those painful memories of England's inevitable shoot-out agony by re-playing the game on your console and re-writing history in your mind. Also, you can play your very own World Cup online on Xbox Live.

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6) Sky+ HD Box World Cup special edition

Virgin Media, Freesat and Freeview will all be offering ITV and BBC in HD, but can they boast a set-top box patriotic enough to make Bobby Moore feel like a traitor? Can they heck.

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7) Sanyo Xacti HD2000 Dual Camera

The World Cup will inspire moments. It always does. And you're going to want to capture your pals' rapturous reactions to the tournament's hottest moments as well as a good old fashioned singsong. This pistol grip cam is still the best at switching between stills and video.

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8) Pure Evoke Mio - £120

If you prefer the harsh Northern Irish tones of Alan Green, over John Motson, then this is your answer. Or just listen to the hype in the kitchen while cooking up the pizza.

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9) Sony BDV-1 T1000 Home Cinema System - £1,365

Nothing quitre heightens the emotion like booming surround sound enough to make the neighbours think they're actually next door to the stadium. Sorry about those horns, guys.

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10) Live Scores app for iPhone - £1.19

Some inconsiderate folk deem it necessary to have their wedding in June and July. Yes, even in World Cup years. So if you're stuck in church and need instant updates on scores and scorers, this push notification-based app should do the trick.

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11) Adidas F50 football boots - £125

Every baby cow grows up with the dream of one day gracing Lionel Messi's left boot. This week, one cow's dream will come true. Re-create the Argentinian's genius by picking up his boots.

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