T3 Poll: What is the greatest gadget ever?

Finest piece of tech ever invented? You decide...

It's your chance to have your say on biggest tech topics. T3 fan and tech enthusiast Stephen Fry revealed his 100 greatest gadgets with the lighter taking top spot. So, this week we want to know: What is the greatest gadget?

It's poll time again on T3.com. Every week we put a hot tech topic in the hands of you, the readers, so you can let us know just what you think.

This week, we turn our attention to Stephen Fry's pick of the 100 greatest gadgets. Sure to have opinions divided, we want to know whether you agree that the lighter is indeed the finest of them all.

Picking out the top ten tech as chosen by Mr Fry, cast your vote below to tell us what is the greatest gadget ever.

What is the greatest gadget ever?