T3 Poll: Kinect vs Move vs Wii

Who will win the motion gaming battle this Christmas?

Your chance to have your say on console wars

It’s poll time again. Every week we ask you for your valued opinions on tech’s biggest topics, to see what the T3 consensus really makes of the industry’s ins and outs. This week, we are talking about the motion gaming.

The PlayStation Move, Sony's answer to the Nintendo Wii has been available for about three months, but Microsoft's Kinect controller-free peripheral is just a week away from its UK launch. Will Sony's headstart prove crucial to the festive run-in, or will Kinect wipe the floor with the Move? Perhaps the Nintendo Wii will still reign supreme when it comes to this motion gaming lark.

Our view: Xbox Kinnect versus PlayStation Move

Now answer the poll below and let us know who you think will win the motion gaming battle.

Kinect vs Move vs Wii: Which will win the motion gaming battle?Market Research