Superbowl Commercials: Memorable tech adverts

Video: A look back at the best and worst tech Superbowl commercials

Superbowl commercials are a lucrative business these days. We highlight the best and worst ads to fill in the time between the football action

It's Superbowl weekend which means an average of one hundred million viewers are set to tune in to watch the Baltimore Ravens take on the San Franscico 49ers at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and while lovers of the pigskin will be focusing on events on the field, off it companies are preparing to take full advantage of some prime time advertising space.

Many a tech manufacturer has secured a Superbowl commercial spot down the years, with hopes that football fans will be talking as much about the ads as they do the game the next day in the office. Here's our pick of the best and worst Superbowl tech commercials that caught our eye for very different reasons.

Samsung Galaxy Note

If they are not doing it in the courtrooms, they are doing it in public. Samsung used its Superbowl 2012 commerical slot to firmly poke fun at Apple by mocking that standing in queue for a iOS device product is 'like detention'. Samsung even roped in the glam rock wannabe Justin Hawkins of British band The Darkness to ensure the audience wouldn't forget this ad in a hurry.

Motorola Xoom

Parodying Apple’s barefaced allusions to Orwell’s 1984 nearly thirty years ago, Motorola offered up their spin on the dystopian fantasy last year with its commercial for the Motorola Xoom tablet. This time, Apple products are the cold, conformist prison society and Steve Jobs is presumably the new face of Big Brother, apparently only brainwashing people into believing the worth of the iPad.

Megan Fox and Motorola

Motorola’s Super Bowl commercial of 2010 saw Megan Fox stripped down in a bath using the Motorola Devour, but it wasn’t what was strategically covered with bubbles that caught the most attention from fans of her beautiful body. Apparently Fox is sensitive about her thumbs or perhaps they just weren’t quite sexy enough to advertise the mobile phone because the most keen-eyed of her fans noticed that the thumbs in her close-ups weren’t, in fact, the same ones that we’re all familiar with.



Whether you find it heartwarming or cringe-worthy, the minimalist love story cleverly showcases the features that make Google the world’s favourite search engine. Real Google ‘search stories’ are probably never this cute though, just have a look through some of the parodies on YouTube or your partner’s browsing history.


If this ever happened with the T3 office bot, he’d blow us all away with the twin laser blaster cannons mounted to his forehead and make printer paper out of our recycled body parts. On a good day though, he makes us all the best coffee around, always let’s us win at darts and doubles as a mobile printer and disc jockey. We just hope Jeffrey left Intel and got a job somewhere at AMD.

Best Buy

Just when we thought we’d seen the last of the Osbournes and just got used to the fact that Justin Bieber is here to stay, in an unlikely pair up and what must have been an even more unlikely commercial pitch, here they are, together, endorsing Best Buy. Not all the money invested in expensive advertising slots gets put to respectable use, but if it gets companies lots of attention and sales, then fair enough.