Speed Week: How to speed-up your tech

Get more velocity from your iPhone, Android and more...

Your favourite gadgets, just faster.

It's speed week here at T3.com and with the dual-core revolution about to speed up our mobile phones and tablets, we look at some ways to get the top speeds out of your existing array of gadgets and tech.

How to speed-up your Apple iPhone

With the Apple A4 processor on-board, the iPhone 4 is still one of the speedists devices in existence, but you can get more pace from your device with a few handy nips and tucks across the board.

How to speed-up your iPhone

How to speed-up your Android phone

With a host of current Android handsets, like the HTC Desire packing the Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz processor and more dual-core devices hitting the market in 2011, Android devices are among the niftiest around. Here's how to get more velocity from your Android phone.

How to speed up your Android phone

How to speed-up your Mac

Fed up of your cluttered Mac taking an age to become active on start-up, tired of that spinning disc whenever you have more than one application open?

How to speed up your Mac

How to speed up your PC

Does your laptop take an age to start up, are you always having to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to get things going again? Here's a few ways you can end the misery.

How to speed-up your PC

How to speed up your web browser

Fast processors? Check. Fast internet connection? Check. So why does your browser take forever to load web pages? Here's some tips to get a faster reaction time from Firefox.

How to speed up your web browser