Speed Week: Fastest way to spend a grand on tech

10 items, £1000: Get spending

Had a mini windwall? Why not splash it on tech? Here's the best, and fastest, way to get rid of a grand

Get that clicking finger at the ready, because you can get all of this for the grand total of £996.96.

1/ Nintendo 3DS console
Genre: Games
Price: £196.99 on Amazon

Nintendo's revolutionary glasses-free 3D console is already available for under-£200 making it smashing value in our quest to get ten fantastic tech items for a grand. With a large array of titles planned for this year, including Resident Evil, The Legend of Zelda and Star Fox 3D it's worth getting on-board early with this mind-numbingly awesome piece of gaming gadgetry.
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2/ Amazon Kindle
Genre: Ereader
Price: £111.00 on Amazon

If you're looking for value for money as you ditch the paperbacks for digital, there's a reason that Amazon's Kindle reader is top of the pile. You can now get the latest Kindle reader for just £111. The E-Ink-toting, sunlight-taunting, fits-in-your man bag, six-inch ereader has managed to stay ahead despite challenges from Apple and Sony and at this price there's never been a better time to join the revolution. Make this purchase 2 of your shopping spree.
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3/ GarageBand for iPad
Genre: App
Price: £2.99

Providing you've nabbed yourself an Apple iPad (if not, change this list to the fastest way to spend £1,400) then the best value for money on the App Store is unquestionably Apple's mobile version of its music creation software. With a host of on-screen instruments combined with a full 8-track studio, you can become the new Lennon in no time.
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4/ Kinect for Xbox 360
Genre: Games
Price: £79.99 on Amazon

Talk about cutting edge; the Xbox 360's controller-less motion gaming peripheral has made serious waves since arriving in November, becoming the fastest selling consumer device ever. As we approach the midway point of 2011 it's now available for just £80, bundled with the Kinect Adventures gaming, making it a perfect candidate for our list. With the first Star Wars games and a Michael Jackson Experience dance game coming in 2011, make sure you're ready for the year Kinect takes over
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5/ Nikon Coolpix S9100
Genre: Camera
Price: £279.99 on Amazon

While mobile phone cameras seem to be taking over the point and shoot market, they seem to be damaging the number of quality pictures taken at family events and nights out. The decent compact camera is still a family must-have and this new addition to the Coolpix family from Nikon, with an 18x optical zoom and full 1080p video, is a great way to help move that £1000 in the right direction.
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6/ TRON Blu-ray double pack
Genre: Blu-ray
Price: £17.99 on Amazon

TRON Legacy was the 3D hit of 2010 (i.e. the one 3D movie that didn't absolutely suck) and this Blu-ray double pack not only allows you to experience the Jeff Bridges sci-fi flick in full HD, but also the 1982 classic original which still stands up pretty well to this very day. Perhaps the coolest/nerdiest Blu-ray on the planet at the moment. Get it.
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7/ LG Smart TV upgrader
Genre: Connected TV
Price: £99.99

Want a host of connected TV services injected directly into your telly, but don't want to spend your entire £1000 windfall on a new gogglebox, then this is the answer. The LG Smart TV upgrader, which looks a lot like the Apple TV counterpart will provide you with BBC iPlayer, YouTube and a host of forthcoming apps to ensure that your HDMI-connected TV will boast all of the latests apps and streaming channels.
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8/ Crysis 2 for Xbox 360 Limited Edition
Genre: Games
Price: 56.15 on Amazon

Currently topping the Xbox 360 charts, Crysis 2 is the game of the moment. Following a series of disasters, the aliens are back and seeking their ultimate goal; the ultimate destruction of all mankind. All that stands in the way, you are that supersoldier. This limited edition will give you custom weapon skins and a unique platinum dog-tag, if you're into that sort of thing.
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9/ Pure Evoke Flow
Genre: Digital Radio
Price: £129.99 on Amazon

Pure's Evoke Flow radio perfectly marries the old and the new. With your usual range of FM stations in perfect digital clarity as well as access to a host of internet radio stations through Wi-Fi and even the opportunity to download music and your favourite podcasts directly to your radio, what else do you need? At just 129.99 it represents great value when trying to make £1000 stretch to ten top tech items.
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10/ T3 for iPad
Genre: Apps
Price: Free App: £23.99 for 12 issues

If you own an iPad and you're reading this, then the next logical step is to download T3's iPad edition from the App Store, with a host of exclusive interactive features like videos and galleries, it's T3 Magazine like you've never seen it before. You can download a year's worth of issues for just £23.99 too.
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