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We've seen some revolutionary pieces of tech emerge over the past few days at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (take a look for yourself on the T3's dedicated MWC 2011 site). However, while we've had the odd tentative "Q2 2011" here and speculative "second half of 2011" there, tech's big names have been frustratingly cagey on pinning down exact prices or release dates.

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In the pursuit of hard numbers the T3 office has placed its collective ear to the ground to pick up the faintest rumblings of what MWC 2011 tech you can expect when - and how much you will be expected to part with for it. Below are our findings, which we shall be keeping updated as more details roll in.

1. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play | Xperia Play pictures | Xperia Play video hands-on

Release date: March 7th, 2011
Price: £549
Source: The Xperia Play ('PSP phone) got an early price, release date and spec leak courtesy of online mobile czars The page, which was offering the Xperia Play for pre-order, has now been amended to reflect the fact that it, er, shouldn't exist.

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2. Samsung Galaxy S2 | Samsung Galaxy S2 pictures | Samsung Galaxy S2 video hands-on

Release date: March 4th, 2011
Price: £549
Source: The Samsung Galaxy S was prematurely outed by another online mobile retailer, Since realising the error, the page has been modified, with the price now reading TBC and the release date replaced with "not yet available".

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3. HTC Flyer tablet | HTC Flyer pictures | HTC Flyer first impressions

Release date:
Price: £563 (669 Euros)
Source: The HTC Flyer was discovered available for pre-order on the German Amazon mirror,, on February 15th.

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4. Motorola XOOM | Motorola XOOM review | Motorola XOOM video hands-on

Release date:
February 24th (US)
Price: £498 - £720
Source: A US ad from Best Buy offered the Xoom for $799 excluding data. Previous documents, also from Best Buy, pointed to a February 24th release date. In the UK, posted the tablet for pre-order with a price of £719.

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5. LG Optimus Pad | LG Optimus Pad pictures | LG Optimus Pad video hands-on

Release date: April
Price: £849 (999 Euros)
Source: The vague April release date comes from LG themselves, but the 999 Euro price tag came out in a German press release - that no such figures have been mentioned in English language releases suggest a slip up on LG Germany's part, to us.

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6. RIM BlackBerry PlayBook | | BlackBerry PlayBook review | BlackBerry PlayBook video

Release date: Very end of March/beginning of April (US)
Price: £310 ($500)
Source: American retailer Office Depot leaked this on its site just a week after Best Buy did with the Xoom. The release date on the site is "Week 17", putting it on the cusp of March/April.

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7. HTC Desire S | HTC Desire S pictures | HTC Desire S video

Release date: March 21st
Price: £435
Source: The good people of unlocked-mobiles come through for us once again, announcing the price and date on their HTC Desire S pre-order page.

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8. HTC Wildfire S |

Release date: March 21st
Price: £270
Source: announced pre-orders for the Wildfire at the same time as the Desire S, as well as prices and release dates.

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