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HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Android


The One X was one of the first to market with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Android. As ever with HTC, its overlaid with the company’s Sense skin. Sense is far better than similar overlays from LG, Sony and Motorola. HTC Sense is all-encompassing, with really well thought out apps and features.

Take the lock screen. There, you drag a ring up the screen to wake the phone, but you can also drag one of four, user-selected icons – defaults are phone, mail, messages and camera – into the ring, to launch that app or function.

Lists and menus on Android phones used to have an elastic spring to them as you scrolled. Now when you reach the top of a menu, contacts or missed call list, say, a blue light seeps out to tell you you’re at the end. On the One X, the list’s entries separate like carefully arranged slips of paper sliding apart. It’s really rather satisfying.


Samsung Galaxy S3

The Galaxy S3 comes with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as standard - anything less would be enormously disappointing. Like HTC, Samsung has taken Android 4.0 and overlayed their Touch Wiz UI - an interface that we already loved from it's Galaxy S2 days. Since then Samsung has simplified things somewhat. It's still great to use, and the wealth of features remains, but things feel a little less cluttered.

Also present are new functions galore. Smart Stay uses eye detection to ensure that the screen doesn't dim as long as you're looking at it. Smart Alert makes the phone vibrate when you pick it up to let you know that you have a notification. Smart Call automatically dials the number you're looking at as soon as you lift the phone to your ear when you're in contacts, messages or call log.

All of these functions are more than welcome, and involve all kinds of impressive technical wizardry... but did we used to have problems seeing that we had a notification, or calling people on our contacts list? We're not sure we did, and we're not sure how many Galaxy S3 users will actually need/use/care about these new functions.


T3 Verdict: HTC One X


HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Battery


Battery life hasn’t always been HTC’s strongest suit, the One X rights that. The 1800mah gives a good 12 hours of power usage, making it to its nightly recharges with few alarms. The good stuff really is laid on thick, here.


Samsung Galaxy S3

The Galaxy S3's 2100mah battery is a big improvement on that of the S2, and ought to be hefty enough to handle all the tech that has been packed into the S3. A bigger battery doesn't mean longer battery life, but we'll give the S3 the benefit of the doubt for the moment.


T3 Verdict: Samsung Galaxy S3


HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Verdict

As you've probably gathered by now, these two handsets are incredibly similar. Both are slightly on the large side, but still thin enough to slide into a pocket. Both are phenomenally powerful and fully capable of creating and handling large media files.

If there is one area where one handset wins hands down, it's the build quality. By no means does the Samsung Galaxy S3 feel like it's going to fall apart, it's still sturdy if a little creaky, but it just doesn't feel like premium build quality. By comparison, HTC's polycarbonate body and attention to detail convinces you that you are the owner of a quality product, in a way that Samsung's does not.

For that reason, if we had to come down on one side of the fence we would still stick the the HTC One X. But frankly, this could change after we've had more time with the Galaxy S3, and we'd thoroughly recommend that you try both at your local phone store before making a decision. Better yet, have a quick look at the best deals and tariffs for the Samsung Galaxy S3, which should be in stores on May 30th.

Whatever side of the battle you line up on, there's no denying that these two are the best Android phones out there, and certainly two of the best phones money can buy.


T3 Verdict: HTC One X


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