Rugby World Cup 2011: Chris Ashton talks tech with T3

Swallow-diving England winger tells T3 why the iPad 2 isn’t for him

England’s charismatic winger Chris Ashton talks tech and the Rugby World Cup 2011 explaining why the Apple iPad 2 isn’t for him

Hero of England’s last Six Nations, where he became the first Englishman to score four tries in a single tournament match, Chris Ashton is probably best known for his extravagant diving as he crosses the try line with the ball, leaping in to touch down like a bulky salmon. Flushed by recent success, Ashton puts forward his ideas for a unique, thoroughly English version of the haka, defends the new black kit and reveals the England rugby squad’s tech obsessions…

So what if our new black kit ruffles a few feathers? It shouldn’t ever be about the kit, it should always be about how well England are playing. I think it’s good that we are doing something different and it just happens that it’s black this year. We could go out in our pyjamas and I wouldn’t be bothered.

If England were to have their own version of New Zealand’s haka it would have to be a morris dance. It can’t be that hard to learn the morris dance can it? It’s only jingling and skipping about. Fodes [Ben Foden] and Danny Care want to form a boy band. I’m not even kidding. They asked me to join, but I would be Bez. I’d be the bloke in the corner with the maracas.

The swallow dive isn’t something I ever planned on doing. I only did it because people kept talking about it and I thought it would shut them up, but it had the opposite effect. Will we see the celebration at the World Cup? I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.

I can’t understand why video replays haven’t been rolled out across football as well as rugby. A game as big as football, it seems that everyone wants it except the people at the top of FIFA. Referees are pretty hot on the replays now and they don’t get many decisions wrong, so I can’t see there being issues. I do think Mark Cueto’s score [disallowed for a foot in touch] in the last World Cup final was a try, mind.

From the squad James Haskell is the big geek, but there are quite a few. Haskell’s even got his own app. Point proven. I’m afraid there’s no Chris Ashton app on the horizon.

I sold my iPad this year and haven’t replaced it yet. I do like the iPad 2, but it’s just annoying me that they don’t put a USB port on it. I’m hoping it will be there on the next one. If it is I will be straight in buying one.

All the guys have portable hard drives for films. It’s always good, whilst travelling, to stick one of the guys’ hard drives in and relax, which you just can’t do on the iPad.

The last gadget I bought was a helicopter, one of those remote-controlled ones. My dog goes nuts about it and I don’t know why. I’ve got an English bulldog and with this helicopter flying about I can’t control him. I only get to play with it when he’s not looking.

I was so addicted to the iMobster app for my iPhone that I had to delete it. I just had to. iMobster is free, but you can buy better stuff for it from inside the app. I just found myself constantly clicking and buying things, so in the end I had to end it. I had to hold it down and press X.

Chris Ashton wears the new England change kit , £90,