title: Resident Evil History Part 2 / url: Resident-Evil-History-Part-2


Resident Evil: Code Veronica (2000)

Before Claire Redfield and her brother Chris hurtled onto the rest of the console platforms, Code Veronica began its life on the Dreamcast, and didn't they just make the best of those Sega console innards! Replacing the rendered images for new 3D backgrounds, and the ability to make RE as graphically stunning as the story was evoking, the Dreamcast may have led a short life, but it had just enough time to throw out a survival horror necessity.

Platform:SEGA Dreamcast



Resident Evil Survivor (2000)

Taking a break from the third perspective norm, RE entered the first-person shooter realm for RE Survivor, as the virus falls outside of Raccoon City.

With your Namco Guncon in hand, you take the place of Ark Thompson, a friend of police officer Leon from RE2, as you readily blast your way through zombies close-up.

What may have seemed at the time the perfect formula to port to an arcade-style shooter, Capcom's effort did not set the gaming world on fire and gladly returned to what they did best. That is, not before one last try...

Platform:Sony PlayStation



Resident Evil: Code Veronica X (2001)

The action moves to Rockfort Island, as the magnitude of the Umbrella corporation evil plans continues to spread. After attempting to hunt down her brother Chris Redfield, Claire is locked up on the island to keep out of Umbrella's way. Ensue Claire fighting her way to get off the zombie inhabited setting. Unlike previous games, the RE Survivor split the gun-toting action into halves, with Claire beginning the tale and her brother Chris suitably hoping to clean up some unfinished business.




Resident Evil Gaiden (2001)

Your eyes do not deceive you, RE did make it onto the very small screen of the Gameboy Color and it was something of a contrasting gaming experience in comparison with its elder console statesman.

Set upon a cruiser ship which appears to be carrying some serious Umbrella weapons of mass destruction, former S.T.A.R.S agent Barry Burton must finish off Leon Kennedy's mission.

Played from an over the top perspective, Gaiden ultimately lacked that essential RE ingredient, the element of surprise, while the graphics made it virtually inseparable from any other GBC game.

Platform: GBC



Resident Evil Survivor 2: Code Veronica (2001)

Capcom decided to give the shoot-em-up another go although this time in a slightly different guise to RE Survivor. Immersed into the world of Claire Redfield seeking out brother Chris, the title also made its way into the arcade arena. Despite the addition of cooperative play, once again it was another reason why Capcom should have stuck to what they did best.

Platform: PS2



Resident Evil Zero (2003)

As the name suggests this is set before the RE1, as we are taken into the mountainous surroundings outside of the Raccoon City suburbs. Hit by a sudden increase in local folk being devoured upon by strange creatures, the S.T.A.R.S team is called in to investigate. Cue military convict Billy Cohen and surviving S.T.A.R.S Bravo medic Rebecca and the team embark on cleansing the area of any human eating behaviour. Featured on the Gamecube, the unique 'partner zapping' control system was to set the co-op trend for RE games to follow.




Resident Evil Dead Aim (2003)

While the Gamecube hogged the third person limelight, PS2 gamers got a taste of the first-person shooter. What was essentially the latest addition to the Resident Evil Survivor set, our zombie-blitzing efforts are transported onto a cruise ship, as we tackle the t-virus on board with US government agent Bruce McGivern and Chinese government agent Fongling.

With the ability to change to third-person perspective when not firing off the ammo, Dead Aim was the best of a bad bunch of shooters, but once again it did little to satisfy true RE aficionados.

Platform: PS2



Resident Evil Outbreak (2004)

What could make the ultimate survival horror you say? If you thought it was to take the action online, then you would be sadly mistaken. Outbreak was the first to offer multiplayer capability so you could have one of your mates cover your back as you lock and load your shotgun. Set against the familiar Raccoon surroundings and with eight players to choose from, there was no room to rest on your Resident laurels because if the rest of your online chums wandered off, you had no choice but to join them.

Platform: PS2


Resident Evil Outbreak File 2 (2005)

Taking another stab at the online gaming realms, Outbreak 2 similarly served up eight characters to choose from, with new scenarios to negotiate your way through, but the very same issues with its predecessor. With the severe lack of some form of headset-like communication, having a leisurely perusal of your creepy surroundings is at its minimal. If ever a slap in the reality check form arrived for Capcom, this was clearly it. RE was not ready to embrace the web just yet.

Platform: PS2