Reasons to buy: Loewe Individual Slim Compose

Super slick LED TV seeks living room

Loewe has been producing gorgeous TVs for years, but the new Individual Slim Compose sets a new benchmark for chic design.

With an led-backlit, 40-inch screen, a freeview tuner, media streaming and, for a small premium, a built-in hard drive all squeezed into a 2.5cm-thick frame, this LED HDTV is one of the greatest combinations to date of high-tech features and high-end design. Here are ten reasons why it deserves a place in your living room:

1. Digital tuner
All models have a freeview tuner. Add a hard drive (see #9) to watch one channel while recording another.

2. Future Proof
The CI+ interface lets you add a wide range of encrypted pay-TV channels.

3. Sound
The individual slim’s stereo speakers sound great, but pay an extra £1,250 and you get the Loewe sound projector, a sound bar that produces virtual 7.1 surround sound from a barrage of 40 speakers.

4. Backlighting
The led-backlit screen provides sterling contrast and colour reproduction.

5. Brightness
The screen adjusts to the room’s lighting so the picture is optimised and energy saved.

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6. Online Ability
Download music and videos from the net and watch web TV with Loewe’s media+ app.

7. Design
There are over a million ways to customise your set, from changing the colour to adding extra multimedia features and hardware.

8. Frame Rate
The Slim can run at 24fps for optimal Blu-Ray playback.

9. Hard Drive
The 250GB mediacenter DR+ can be added to store HD content. It costs £299.

10. Dimensions
Just 2.5cm thick – the same as two iphones – the slim weighs 23.4kg.

Price: from £3,400.

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