10 best tech tantrums ever

Real-life tales of extreme tech rage

Torrid tales of when tech turns friendly folk into gun-toting vandals. T3 unveils the 10 best tech tantrums ever

Whether it's kicking out an intrusive Google Street View motor from your humble little town, or having waited so long for your plane to take off you've contemplated making a Passenger 57-style exit, today's tech - as much as we love it - can rub some people up the wrong way.

Just to show you how far some folks will take their techno rage, we've pulled together the most aggressive real life overreactions to electronic kit.

Bar room bullet brawl
What do you do when your laptop repeatedly crashes on you? Well, if you're American bar owner George Doughty you pop four caps in its ass.

After one too many malfunctions Doughty took his malevolant machine into his own Sportsman's Bar and Restaurant, informed customers of his gun-toting intent before placing the laptop on the floor and ploughing four bullets into its plastic body. The infamous crashtop now hangs on the wall of Mr Doughty's bar.
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Beyond a joke
Full time comedian, occasional actor and Dutch cabaret artist Theo Maassen turned very serious for a moment when an intrusive snapper interrupted his act at the opening of the Amsterdam Comedy Festival.

During his performance, Maassen, who believed that photography had been banned from the event, grabbed the snap-happy culprit from the audience and then asked the remaining guests what he should do with the camera. They duly told Maassen to break it. so he did leaving the unhappy photographer with his 15,000 Euro camera in about 15,000 pieces.
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Cutting a fine line
Disgruntled American Keith Walendowski grew so frustrated when his lawn mower refused to start that he decided to turn a shotgun on his uncooperative grass groomer.

Believing he was well in his rights to pull a firearm on his motionless mower, Walendowski stoutly claimed, 'It's my lawn mower and my yard, so I can shoot it if I want'. The shotgun carnage left the lawnmower unsurprisingly beyond repair.
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Electing to riot
Voting is a passionate and proud experience. However, 61-year-old Marc A. Fenster was clearly rattled by more than the candidate selection process when he knocked over two voting machines in a bout of anger.

Mr Fenster damaged the equipment worth over £5k, before indulging in further erratic behaviour outside of the polling station. It was unclear whether the possibility of another George Bush presidency was at the root of his rage.
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Fuming at the lack of a Vista view
A classic case of the know-it-all who thinks he can fix everything, an ex-law enforcement officer lost his rag in the most extreme of circumstances as he struggled to load new software on his girlfriend's computer.

After failing to get Windows Vista to work the man shot the malfunctioning dekstop computer. Mr Jackson fired five times at the PC, with one of the bullets just failing to hit the target.
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Get me off this plane
What would that visit to the airport be without the good old fashioned delay? For 60-year-old Scot Robert McDonald it was clearly a case of one delay too far, when his aircraft became stuck on the tarmac for almost two and half hours.

He was so fed up with the wait to get airborne, McDonald made tracks for the emergency exit in the hope of getting himself off the plane but ultimately failed in his bid to disband as he was flagged down by an entourage of flight cabin crew. The plane was taken out of service, and Mr McDonald got plenty of leg room in airport custody.
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Hole in one camera
Notorious for his off-the-field moments of self-destruction, PGA golfer John Daly exploded on the green during the opening round of the Australian Open, venting his frustration directly at a fan's camera.

Daly was so irritated by snap happy golf fan Brad Clegg, that he grabbed the camera and began smashing it against a tree. Daly avoided punishment and Mr Clegg was left with some very unique pieces of sporting memorabilia.
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Judge calls for entire court lock-up
A US judge decided to jail an entire courtroom audience after no one owned up to a ringing phone. Judge Restaino clearly did not take lightly to the silent response and ordered that the 46 people be taken into custody.

Judge Restaino's actions culminated in his wig and hammer being relinquished for his courtroom outburst.
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Last chance to log off
Scranton, Pennsylvania is home to the Ricky Gervais inspired US Office and to one angry guy who pulled a .40-caliber gun on his wife's computer after catching her chatting to other men online.

Mr Griffith shot a single bullet into his other half's computer tower after she was spotted social networking with other men on MySpace.com. Officers recovered the black Springfield Armory pistol and duly took Mr Griffith to Lackwanna County Prison.
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Magnum P.C
If you are going to punish your PC for serious ineptitude, why not do it with a hefty .44 Magnum automatic handgun? That's exactly what one New Jersey man did as he fired eight bullets into his IBM personal computer and Princeton Graphics System monitor.

The monitor was blown out by the impact as stray bullet holes were found in areas around the computer. Michael A. Case had pulled the trigger after growing annoyed with his inability to get a new software package to work.
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Permanent PC shutdown
Possibly one of the most effective ways to close down your computer, a 43-year-old man from Washington, USA, took an innovative approach to logging off. He pulled a gun on his desktop and fired several shots in the most severe bouts of frustration.

When police managed to get the man to give in his weapon, they found four bullet holes in the hard drive and one in the monitor along with a bullet in a nearby filing cabinet.
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Phone store tantrum
Rubbish service - the frustration of many a mobile phone user - pushed one particularly aggrieved customer over the edge.

On entering the Verizon Wireless store, where he bought his phone, the angry customer proceeded to throw mobiles across the store, causing $2,000 worth of damage. The man claimed he had only meant to yell at the employees, however authorities were quick to cast doubt on that claim when it was revealed he had donned safety glasses before he began his in-store tirade.
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Trigger unhappy TV
The worst case of telly rage we've ever heard of, a Missouri man got trigger happy with the far from perfect reception his TV was picking up.

Angry at having lost both his cable and struggling to get his new DTV converter box to work, the 70-year-old trained a hunting rifle on his box, initiating a two hour stand-off with the local police.
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We are not amused
Comedian Lee Hurst failed to see the funny side of a man using a camera phone to film one of his performances. The baldy East End funny man showed his disapproval by smashing the offending mobile phone.

The former 'They Think It's All Over' quiz captain became fed up of people stealing his jokes and decided to take immediate action.

Hurst hurled the Motorola K1 handset, on the floor was fined £60, and ordered to cover the cost of the damaged phone.
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Why don't you call me?
Perhaps what we've all wondered about those late-night quiz programmes, who is actually ringing in to this? In Romania however, it seems that not everyone is as willing to part with their premium phone cash - as quiz show host Adela Lupse found to her annoyance.

Having received no calls for her live show, Lupse threw the desktop phone to the ground live on air and then began putting her heel in. Her bosses were less than impressed with the live rant and fined her $1,500 for her tech tantrum.
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