2. Blackstar Series One 200 and Series One 4X12B

Blackstar Series One 200 and Series One 4X12B, Gibson Firebird X

Blackstar supplies Ozzy Osbourne with amplification – Ozzy, after all, is a connoisseur of the finer things in life, and Blackstar’s
cabinets are not only fookin’ massive; they’re also exquisitely tuned. Sharon! Here we’ve got oversized, 240W amps and a head
unit with four specially selected, KT88 power valves, guaranteeing maximum rock ’n’ roll and Sabbath-esque heaviosity.
The axe being toted by our model is the Firebird X. There’s no guitar with more raw tech stuffed inside it, with a completely
tweakable sonic engine and its own app store, from which you can download tailored setups, including Brian May’s patented
“widdly-weeeow” sound, that would otherwise require a van load of cables, pedals and pads. Play it loud, mother!

Price: £1,249, £599, £3,299

Link: Blackstar Amps

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