Poll: Is Apple right about the iPhone 4 signal?

Does the official retort to the handset's woes wash with you?

Have your say on the Apple iPhone 4 signal debacle...

The iPhone 4 has been by far Apple’s strangest launch. While its upgrades have solved a lot of the various irks or misgivings from previous iterations, it was a launch in which the usual Apple hush and secrecy was tarnished with the brush of that early handset leak and one which seemed to bring the company’s more Orwellian characteristics to the fore.

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Now it’s out and in people’s hands, Apple’s mobile has come under fire from a seemingly devastating problem with the signal. Cover a certain part, the signal drops. Not good, and potentially made a lot worse by this letter, which Apple released late last week in response to public and media outcry.

But is that babbly message enough? It was so confusing that it made T3’s Duncan Bell compelled to sit down and thrash out this column, but now we’d like to know your thoughts. Answer the poll below to have your say and we’ll reveal the results next Monday. Is Apple's iPhone 4 signal letter good enough?Market Research