Poll: Are you happy with the antennagate outcome?

Is Steve Jobs' 'apology' good enough?

Have your say on the biggest problem to hit Apple since someone took a bite out of their logo...

As we’re sure you’re aware, Steve Jobs held a press conference on Friday evening (UK time) to discuss what he called ‘antennagate’ – the iPhone 4’s signal problem.

After some Derren Brown-style confuso-talk in which he craftily hid an apology, Jobs announced that Apple will be giving out free cases to help prevent iPhone 4 owner’s precious handsets from dropping signal when held.

But is that really good enough? We want you to have your say:

Is a free iPhone 4 case a reasonable fix?survey software

An open letter…

Two weeks ago we asked you to comment on whether Apple’s initial response to the signal debacle was good enough, following an open letter from the company which (sort of) explained the issue away with talk of a problem with the graphic displaying the signal bars.

The results were overwhelmingly anti-apple. While 24 per cent of you claim that your iPhone 4s work perfectly, and 6 per cent were entirely satisfied with Apple’s retort, a huge 70 per cent thought that the letter didn’t solve the main issue at hand.

Now that things have progressed, answer the poll above to have your say on the latest Apple comeback…