Opinion: Apple users are 'naive lemmings'

Outspoken Android evangelist lambastes Apple fans...

T3 talks to 28-year old multi-millionaire entrepreneur Ruslan Kogan about how Apple grinds his gears...

Ruslan Kogan, outspoken founder of Kogan Technology, an Australian manufacturer and retailer of consumer electronics devices, was a multi-millionaire before the age of 30. He gets into almost daily arguments with Apple users

“I wouldn’t call them smug sycophants, but naïve lemmings might be more appropriate.” He’s nailing his colours to the Android mast, and he wants you to join him… “It’s amazing how Apple can market a piece of technology and everyone who buys that Apple product thinks they’re being an early adopter. I was using my old Nokia N95 to browse the net, listen to music, tether to my laptop and make video calls, but everyone thought that the iPhone was the first to allow this. Apple’s FaceTime users don’t realise that other phones have been doing this for the last ten years.

“By dumbing down technology, Apple has been able to tap into a far wider audience. Look at Nintendo, it dominates lifestyle gaming because it makes its games idiot-proof. You have to commend Apple for this. I use a Google Nexus S, but when it came to buying my mum a phone, I got her an iPhone. Now she is sending SMS for the first time ever.

“ I think it’s hilarious that people will queue for hours in terrible conditions to get a gadget a few hours before the general public. ”

“Android is ideal for anyone who believes in open platforms. Apple is in bed with too many partners. It blocks a lot of technology because it doesn’t want to upset those partners. For instance, I have been using the wireless hotspot on my phone for a while now. Apple didn’t want to do this initially because their telco partners were upset that people would stop buying dongles with data packages.

“I think it’s hilarious that people will queue for hours in terrible conditions to get a gadget a few hours before the general public. I was in New York when the iPad 3G launched and you could have mistaken it for a rock concert. People outside the store were going wild. You could see that Apple were tapping into users who wanted to show off. Apple’s marketing is centred around ‘people want things that other people have’.

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“More and more people are beginning to see the benefits of a device that actually promotes productivity and new features rather than just appealing to the lowest common denominator. “Android owners want more power from their devices. They want to be able to create a Wi-Fi hotspot wherever they are in the world; they want real multitasking; and they want a true open-source platform, not a closed, claustrophobic system.”

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