title: Nike Fuelband vs Motorola MOTOACTV Specifications and verdict / url: Nike-Fuelband-vs-Motorola-MOTOACTV-Specifications-and-verdict


Nike+ FuelBand vs Motorola MOTOACTV verdict

Nike+ FuelBand

Love:  Uncomplicated. Looks snazzy. Encourages competition with friends

Hate: App is iPhone only. Less suited to targeted training

T3 Says: The Fuelband can’t compete with the Motoactv’s features, but then it’s a true lifestyle-changer rather than a trad training watch. It’s a great way to guilt-trip yourself into hauling your fat batty off the chaise longue

Nike+ FuelBand rating: 4 out of 5



Nike+ FuelBand vs Motorola MOTOACTV verdict


Love: Wide range of tracking options and post-training analysis. Smart MP3 player

Hate: Bulky and more complex than the FuelBand

T3 Says: For detailed fitness tracking this is a decent choice. What it lacks in style it makes up for in features and accuracy, though there are cheap mobile apps that have many of the same features

Motorola MOTOACTV rating: 4 out of 5


Nike+ FuelBand vs Motorola MOTOACTV specification

Nike+ FuelBand

Features: Accelerometer

Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, USB

Storage: None

Size/weight: Small: 147mm/27g, Medium: 172mm/30g, Large: 197mm/32g



Features: Accelerometer, GPS, MP3 player with 8GB or  16GB storage

Connectivity: Bluetooth 1.5, N Wi-Fi,  Ant+, 3.5mm audio, USB

Size/weight: 46x46x9.6mm/35g


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