New Premier League football: Nike Tracer Target90

Six things you need to know about the new top flight ball

What will the Nike Tracer Target90 football bring to the beautiful game?

Before the Vuvuzela blew itself into the number one spot as the most hated part of this summer's football festivities, the players were already busy companing about the 'beachball' better known as the Jabulani.

Now that the official World Cup ball has been buried along with England's dismal campaign, we turn our attention back to the more familiar surroundings of a new domestic season.

Set to take centre stage at Premier League grounds this weekend, see below to find out what's so special about the Nike Tracer Target90 football.

1. Casing

The FIFA approved T90 promises to provide greater accuracy when passing and shooting thanks to the micro-textured outer layer – the first of five layers – which gives the ball an almost bobbled look. It cuts cleanly through the air, flying truer than ever before.

2. Power

The energised rubber response layer, which stores the power of your shot until the ball leaves your boot, is good news for strikers as it prevents any of their kick’s intended venom being absorbed by the leather. At 445g it’s slightly heavier than the World Cup’s Jubilani.

3. Explosive bladder

The innermost compartment of the Tracer T90’s five layer casing system is the 6 Wing-Carbon latex bladder. This material increases the rate of the ball’s acceleration as it leaves the player’s boot – worrying news for the Premiership’s beleaguered goalkeepers.

4. Consistency

The T90’s carefully hand-sewn panels are connected using Geo II technology, a special cross-linked microstructure, to ensure consistent strikes and overall stability. There’s no sweet spot, so wherever a player makes contact with the T90 the results will be explosive.

5. All weather

Thanks to the cross-linked nitrogen expanded foam that makes up the second layer of the casing system Nike claims the T90 will perform consistently in all weather conditions. Taking it from the start of the season in August and through rain, wind and snow until May 2011.

6. Hi-vis

Intensive testing showed that the ball emitted a “strong visual signal” when in motion, meaning players can accurately judge the flight, pick up the trajectory earlier and improve reaction times. It should work well on the TV screen too…

Nike Tracer Target90 price: £85

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