London 2012 Olympics: Tom Parsons talks tech

Britain's leading high jumper chats apps and 2012

Having made the finals of the Beijing games last time out leading British high jumper Tom Parsons is hoping to take the next step and finish the tournament on home soil with a medal. With one year to go until the London 2012 Olympics come to life Parsons sat down with T3 to talk tech, his tops apps and 2012 ambitions.

My hopes for London 2012 are to finish in the top five. I’ve got to the finals before. I got to the finals in both the World Championships and at the Beijing Olympics and finished eighth. On the route to London I want to be finishing in the top five in the Worlds and then go into 2012 with a bit of confidence and push for a medal. I don’t want to make a last gasp surge. I want to be up and around the medal spots as much as possible this year.

I want to jump at 2.35m this year, which would be a big improvement on my previous best of 2.30m. I jumped 2.31m indoors and cleared it by a long way. I had a go at 2.35m indoors and got really close so I know that I’m capable of doing it. These kind of heights are the sorts that take home the medals

I’m not particularly a wiz with technology, I find the whole touchscreen thing unbelievable and the applications on the iPhone are amazing, I love that you can type in anything you want and they’ve got an App for it.

I’ve got so many different stupid games on my iPhone, I like Slash and Flick Football is amazing, Fragger is quite good and I use the Sky Sports app quite a lot. I use the Sleep Cycle app all the time, its really good, it gives you a graph of how you sleep which is really useful. It tells you how deeply you’ve slept, you set an alarm and it then wakes you up at the most optimal time within twenty minutes of going off. I think its pretty cool and is quite a help.

I’m definitely an Apple boy. I like my Apple Mac and iPhone, I like Apple products generally. I like their customer service, their ease of use and how media friendly they are.

Nothing has paralleled the feeling of walking out into the final of the Olympic games in Beijing, it’s just a different level, a different atmosphere, a different feeling altogether because of the emotions running through it all. It feels massive like you’re part of this great drama that is being broadcast around the world with everyone watching you. When I walked out in the World Championships qualifying stages, the stadium was half full but at the Olympics, it was even packed for the qualifying. There wasn’t a spare seat just for that. And in the final, the roof just lifted off the place.

I think there is some advantage in the Olympics being held in your own country; it gives you that extra boost, an extra level of noise and support for every jump, every run up, every single moment. You’re out there with people cheering you on, it’s got to give you some self belief and everyone hopes you’ll do it and you can feel the anticipation.

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