Living room gadgets: 7 of the best

Stack your tech amidst custom-built luxury

It's not just on the go or in the car where technology makes all the difference, don't let your home feel neglected.

Ah, the Flotsam and Jetsam of modern life. From CDs – if you haven’t made the leap and digitised the lot – and Blu-rays to your 50-inch HD TV and iPod docking stereo, it all takes up vital lounge space. Quell this disorder with a bespoke shelving unit by Rossetto, combined here – of course – with a smattering of gadge.

1 Bang and Olufsen BeoSound 8
A ten-watt repository for your iPad, iPod or iWhatever. Position it in the corner of the room, as pictured, and switch the room-adaptation mode for optimum results.
Price: £895
Link: Bang and Olufsen

2 Monitor Audio Apex
This slim, attractive 5.1 speaker system comes in black or white. The power of its four 100W satellites, 200W centre and 500W AW12 sub will rock you.
Price: £2,530
Link: Moitor Audio

3 Rossetto wall unit
Eight-foot tall and hewn from dark oak, this is one of Rossetto’s largest and most fetching storage units.
Price: FROM £1,500 ON REQUEST
Link: Rossetto

4 Acer Revo RL100
This dualcore nettop sucks all the music, movies and photos on your home network into your TV and/or sound system. A Blu-ray drive and 750GB storage are more than adequate for you, sir.
Price: £530
Link: Acer

5 Moshi Moshi 04
Still use your home phone? This can connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone or a laptop for VoIPing it up.
Price: £149
Link: NativeUnion

6 Kodak Pulse
Email or stream photos from Facebook or the Kodak Gallery to this Wi-Fi-enabled, ten-inch digital photo frame.
Price: £170
Link: Kodak

7 Retrotouch light switch
Controls up to three light fittings and has a stylish glass touch panel.
Price: £47
Link: Retrotouch