iPhone 4: What's in store?

The best and worst new features of the iPhone 4, all in one handy place...

The iPhone 4 launch is imminent. As Jobs checks his speech for WWDC, we take a look through the most likely features of the new iPhone.

It will multi-task

The iPhone OS 4 software upgrade has finally added multi-tasking. You’ll be able to run third party apps like Spotify while browsing the web and checking emails.Double tap the home screen to see which apps are open; too many at once will sap the battery.

T3 odds: 10/10

It will have a Magic Mouse on the back

Goldman Sachs analyst Robert Chen told Bloomberg that he believes the back of the iPhone’s casing will be touch-sensitive, just like the Magic Mouse. So you would be able to adjust volume by dragging a finger across the back, and scroll through web pages without laying a finger on the screen. The Motorola Backflip already has rearmounted controls.

T3 odds: 5/10

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It will be a library

OS 4 has also introduced iBooks to the iPhone as well as the iPad. What it’s like reading War and Peace on such a small screen remains to be seen.

T3 odds: 10/10

It will be a games hub

Game Centre, also part of OS 4, is a social network for your iPhone games. It shows friends what you’re playing and lets them compete against your high scores. It sounds rather like the forthcoming Windows 7 Series mobile incarnation of Xbox Live.

T3 odds: 10/10

It will be organised

OS 4 introduces folders that allow you to clean up your home screen. Backgrounds will become personalisable too, just like on the iPad.

T3 odds: 10/10

It will be 4G

HTC’s Supersonic is a 4G mobile capable of 20Mbps download speeds – roughly three times as fast as
current HSDPA. Rumours are rife that Jobs’ next baby will be the iPhone 4G in more ways than one. However, American

4G – WiMAX – is different to the LTE system that’s been trialled over here, so we may not see it in the UK for
quite some time.

T3 odds: 2/10

There will be a 64GB version

Apple doubled the iPhone’s storage to 16GB within a year of launch, then upped it to 32GB for the 3GS. With no upgrade in the last year, and with Toshiba and Samsung selling 64GB NAND chips that would handle the job, expect iPod Touch-matching storage.

T3 odds: 8/10

It will be on sale this summer

The original iPhone launched in the US on June 29 2007, the 3G on July 11 the following year, and the 3GS on June 19 2009, so it’s fair to assume a summer release. First-gen Apple products are announced months before shipping – much like the iPad – but later updates hit the shelves very soon after Jobs’ keynote, in some cases just hours later.

T3 odds: 9/10

The camera will be improved

The iPhone’s camera was bumped from two to 3.2 megapixels for the 3GS, but that’s still behind most phones’ pixel counts. An upgrade to five megs would bring it up to the current industry standard, but we’re duty bound to point out that picture quality is dependent on more than just megapixels. Apple is also rumoured to have ordered millions of Philips LumiLEDs, so there could be an LED flash too.

T3 odds: 8/10

The screen will be improved

In 2008 Apple filed a patent for a new screen with capacitors in the pixels, doing away with the need for a touch-sensitive layer and making it thinner. A video surfaced online recently claiming to show a 16:9 widescreen iPhone.

The iPhone’s screen is starting to look dowdy compared to the larger, brighter AMOLED ones found on the Google Nexus
One and HTC Desire, so this would make sense if Apple wants to compete.

T3 odds: 7/10

It will support N Wi-Fi

The iPad already has the highest wireless speed, while analysis of the iPod Touch suggests that its Wi-Fi chip is capable of N Wi-Fi, even though it only actually uses the slower G variety. It would be a great feature to have…

T3 odds: 6/10

It will have a built-in projector

Another Apple patent reveals plans for a picostyle projector that would interact with laptops and other phones. Theoretically a sensor would allow you to calibrate the projector’s settings remotely. We can’t see Apple getting on this particular bandwagon though, somehow…


It will annoy you?

The introduction of iAds in OS 4 could see pop-up type ads being built into the majority of apps, particularly the free ones. It’s good news for app developers; maybe not so great for the rest of us...

T3 odds: 9/10