title: iOS 6 vs Android Ice Cream Sandwich Part 2 / url: iOS-6-vs-Android-Ice-Cream-Sandwich-Part-2


Apple iOS 6 vs Android 4.0: Social networking

The Cupertino company may have ditched Google, but it is clearly getting cosy with Facebook in iOS 6 by delivering deeper integration of the social networking website. This includes the ability to post pictures from Safari, Maps and Photos. Additionally, you can now ‘like’ apps in the iTunes Store. Add the Twitter integration from iOS 5 which enabled users to tweet directly from Twitter-enabled apps, including Photos, Camera, Safari, YouTube and Maps with a single tap, and Apple has covered the bases.

That’s not to say that Android 4.0 is a slouch on the social networking front. While access to Twitter and Facebook is done via third party Android applications, Ice Cream Sandwich let’s you assign social networking data like photos and status updates into contacts, so when you make a call, you can see exactly what your best mate is pondering about or uploaded as his profile picture. There's also similar integration for Google +. If you are using that at the moment…


Apple iOS 6 vs Android 4.0: Camera


iOS 6 is not laden with the kind of camera features introduced with iOS 5 but it does see added functionality to Photo Stream where users can now share snaps across all devices and share photo streams with friends and comment on your favourite or least favourite pics. Also on the camera front, support for Facetime over 3G also means that like Android 4.0, you can video chat via over 3G and Wi-Fi connections.

Android 4.0 brought a whole host of camera features including comprehensive editing features, the ability to take panoramic photos, built-in face detection and plenty of live video effects. The camera unlock feature also meant quick access to your snapper as well. Some of the camera features do however vary depending on Android 4.0-supporting devices.


Apple iOS 6 vs Android 4.0: Security

Following up from ‘Find My iPhone’, iOS 6 welcomes ‘Lost Mode’ to the security fold which enables users to send a phone number to their Apple smartphone and hope that the person who has got their hands on the phone can return the call and give it back.

Android 4.0 security features include the ability to encrypt your phone, set up a SIM card lock, but it notably lacks a native feature similar to Find My iPhone. There is an app on Google Play called Find My Phone which can help track down your device. There's also Face Unlock mode which has faced some criticism over how secure the face recognition feature really is. if iOS users want to get a similar experience they can actually download FaceVault from the App Store.


Apple iOS 6 vs Android 4.0: Verdict

We’ve had plenty of time with Android Ice Cream Sandwich and there are clearly areas where it excels in comparison to Android 3.0 and the current version of iOS particularly in terms of multitasking, navigation and mapping, widgets, and social networking. Of course, iOS 6 will address many of those things and while we wait to have a play with iOS 6, it all sounds very promising particularly the smarter Siri and the native Map app which could deliver a great alternative to Google Maps. Stay tuned to T3.com where will have a comprehensive review of iOS 6 and the best new features.


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