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iOS 5 features you may not know about

1. iPhone picture taking using your headset

As the video demonstrates below, iOS 5 will let iPhone users will be able to snap photos using the headphone remote volume up button. Apple did announce that you could take pictures using the iPhone volume button. While it may seem like an insignificant addition, travelling photographers could feasibly hook up a tripod and capture their snaps without fiddling with the touchscreen.

2. iOS 5 features: Taking pictures on your iPhone with a headset

3. 1080p video playback (iPad 2)

Currently Apple tablets only support 720p video playback, so with iOS 5, iPad 2 users will now be able to enjoy higher resolution video which is should make up for the lack of Retina Display. Interestingly the iPad 3 could be set for a Retina Display if details in the iOS 5 SDK are found to be accurate.

4.Multiple app downloading

Helping you pack to increase your iPhone and iPad app stash quicker than before, you’ll now be able to download more than one app simultaneously, instead of one-by-one which is sure to come as good news for apps fans all over.

5. FaceTime over 3G

Since Apple launched the video calling feature for the iPhone 4 last year, it has since been rolled out for the iPod Touch and Mac devices. The problem was however remained that it could only work over Wi-Fi. iOS 5 looks set to change that, with 3G support on the way while FaceTime will also work with a phone minus a SIM card, working via your email.

6.Over the Air (OTA) updates

It's been common practice on the Android mobile platform for some time, and now Apple will introduce iOS updates (post iOS5) to users without having to connect it to via a computer or a cord. Running over Wi-Fi, the daily back ups will include books, media, photos, videos, purchased iTunes music, settings and app data.


Apple iOS 5 video

Apple iOS 5 video: 10 things you need to know


Apple iOS 5 release date

So when can you get your hands on iOS 5? Apple announced it as October 12th at the official iPhone 4S launch and it will be available to download across all Apple platforms, including iPhone, iPad and iPod.


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