title: iOS 5 features iPod Touch / url: iOS-5-features-iPod-Touch

iOS 5 features: iPod Touch

1. Apple iOS 5: Photos

Once you've captured your snaps you'll now be able to edit them within the Photos app. Crop, rotate, remove red-eye and once you're done you can sync snaps to your iPad via Apple's iCloud service.

2. Apple iOS 5: Safari

Enhancing browsing capabilities on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, iOS 5 lets you read pages without the distraction of ads. The Reading List feature lets you save articles for reading later, while the introduction of Tabbed browsing on the iPad means you can keep track of multiple web pages.

3. Apple iOS 5: Calendar

Optimizing your yearly and weekly schedules, iOs enables simple drag and drop to create an event, view events from attachments without leaving the app, and if you wish to share details of your calendar, iCloud will let you sync event details to all your iOS devices.

4. Apple iOS 5: Game Center

Introduced in the previous major Apple iOS update, the source for all your gaming now allows you to download games straight from the Game Center. Additionally, you can add a profile picture to your account, see how many points you've racked up, arrange your friends according to their points stash and get friend and game recommendations all from withing the app.