IFA 2011: Tablets, Glasses-free 3D TV and more

Full breakdown of all the major IFA 2011 announcements

IFA 2011 has arguably been a conference of tablets and TVs. Here's our round-up of the best in show at the Berlin tech showcase

This year IFA 2011 has seen a plethora of new products coming from all the major tech companies, with 3D content and brand-new tablets being the order of the day. We've also seen some stunning new mobile handsets which will surely be an indicator for what's to come in the run up to Christmas.


Starting from the beginning, we've most recently seen announcements from Toshiba, most notably being the Toshiba Portege Z830 which brings a new model to its already capable premium line of super-thin notebooks. Next up was Toshiba's unveiling of the mammoth Toshiba 55ZL2, which is the world's largest glasses-free TV.

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Acer were keen to get their products out in the open at IFA this year showing off its brand new Acer Iconia Smartphone running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and sporting a 4.8-inch screen with a 1Ghz processor. Set to take on the HTC Flyer and possibly even the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, Acer also launched its own 7-inch tablet in the form of the Acer Iconia Tab A100 which hopes to win you over with its hefty specs but significantly lower price tag.


Samsung made a big scene this year by not only claiming to have invented a new catagory but also by throwing yet more tablets at the growing slate market. With the Samsung Series 7 700T Slate the company clearly feels that Windows 7 can work in tablet form, boasting beefy specs and a stylish design. On the more traditional front Samsung have added another tablet to its Android range in the form of the metal-clad Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7.

Of course all of this was leading up to the moment when Samsung announced they had created a new catagory in the mobile devices market, and the handset to lead this catagory would be its new 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note. Finishing off the rounds at Sammy was the unique Samsung MV800 Multi-View camera which offers a fully hinged 3-inch LCD touchscreen on the back.

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Televisions were the order of the day for LG who released the first large plasma touchscreen TV in the shape of the LG PZ850T or PenTouch TV. Using a provided stylus the family and business orientated LG PenTouch TV lets you 'draw' directly onto most content using the built-in software. You can then save it to a computer or print it. LG then wowed crowds with its flagship 3D model the LG LW980T which boasts passive 3D technology for up to seven people and comes in at a whopping 55".


Sony stole the show for the first day with its announcement that they'd be heading into the tablet market at full steam with the release of the Sony Tablet S and the Sony Tablet P. Offering up a 'folded book' design, the Tablet S is aimed at rivals such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Motorola Xoom, while the Tablet P offers a hinged dual-screen clamshell design for extra portability. Along with their other releases we saw a new eBook in the form of the Reader Wi-Fi and a new update to Sony Ericsson's super-phone the Xperia Arc S. Finally Sony suprised everyone with the announcement that their concept Sony Personal 3D Viewer would in fact be making it to customers with a full release planned.

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Panasonic's main focus at IFA was on Smart TVs and in making them truly one with the internet. With the unveiling of Panasonic VIera Connect and Connect Market the company showed off its most comprehensive Smart TV service yet, offering full Twitter integration and, thanks to a deal with Gameloft, the ability to play games such as Assassins Creed and Asphalt 5. Additionally, Panasonic focused heavily on updating its premium camera range, with the unveiling of the Lumix DMC-FX90.


Finally Philips went all out on 3D with the release of its 9000, 8000 and 7000 Smart LED TVs which all boast 180-degree wide-angle 3D viewing and offers gamers split-screen gaming thanks to their enhanced processors. Alongside its range of flagship TVs Philips unveiled some sleek, new products such as the Fidelio SoundRing and SoundCurve speakers and the Philips PicoPix. Finally, hoping to break free of the conventions that many HDTVs offer, Philips has shown off its DesignLine Edge 3D TV which combines both their 3D tech with an enhanced and improved version of their Ambilight technology.