How to become a Twitter celeb

Conducting these issues got the team here at T3 thinking. If Maddox can do this; if Charlie and Harry, Esmee, Chocolate Rain man and Justin Halpern can do this, why can’t we?

@StartlingFacts is the creation of two of T3’s writers. On a regular basis, they’re delivering pearls of whimsy such as “Fact: Despite a fine covering of hair and the ability to produce milk, coconuts are not actually mammals.” Could this feed lead to a book deal and a fortune from the lucrative stocking-filler market this Christmas?

We asked Phyllis Zimbler Miller of Miller Mosaic Social Media Marketing to take a look and help us build on our following of 79. We have to admit, she wasn’t totally positive.

“First of all,” she said. “You don’t have a Twitter bio. It’s nada. Why should anyone be interested in following you? Secondly you have a fish as your profile picture. I don’t really like that. I’d get rid of it and replace it with a photo of you. It’s more personal. Also it’s better to have your name in the name field and then StartlingFacts as the username. Also you must switch from the plain Twitter background.”

“Also, start having conversations with people on Twitter. A list of FACTS is boring. I can look up startling facts online anywhere. It’s the human interaction that’s actually very important on Twitter. Start looking for conversations that you can join. The search field is very good for this because you can search by topic.”

Forget the X-Factor circus, forget hanging your hopes of a big break on Britain’s Got Talent. the internet is making a star a day and serving up fame and fortune to ordinary folks...

Sensible suggestions, all. Phyllis also recommended that we mention others, post links and encourage re-tweets and followers of our contents through engaging with other more popular Twitter users.

But didn’t Justin tell us to keep things natural? Keep the content genuine and focus on creating funny content for the page? It worked for him and he’s the one staring a million bucks in the face. Most of the major Twitter, YouTube and blogging stars became phenomena not through endless networking but through the content itself.

Justin Halpern had very funny and original content that he was savvy enough to turn into a book and sitcom. Charlie and Harry’s dad captured a timeless moment. Esmee had girl-next-door appeal and a decent singing voice, while Maddox had great content and refused to sell out – it’s only in the last five years that he’s seen reward for his efforts. Tay Zonday had… Well, he had something people liked.

The days of seeing £250 from You’ve Been Framed as a reward for a funny video clip are gone. Talented singers such as Esmee and Tay don’t have to languish undiscovered in their bedrooms, or face inquisition by the Simon Cowells of this world. And the rest of us don’t have to live in a world unenlightened by Mr Halpern Snr’s unique view of it.

There are riches out there for the right content. If you’re lucky enough to capture a random moment on video that captures the hearts of millions, or have the right talent and the willingness to work at it, they could be yours.

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