Heatwave: 6 Juicers to beat the sun

Turn fruit and veg into a healthy juice drink this summer...

Yes, it's September and it feels like the height of summer so let's not complain about last minute sun arrival. With the hot weather likely to carry in on into the weekend, stay cool with our pick of the best juicers to buy

The sun is blazing, we've got another opportunity to get the shades and shorts out and we are complaining about the weather. Too hot, when will it end, blah, blah, blah.

To stay not only hydrated in this uncharacteristic English heatwave but also healthy and full of vitamins and fruity goodness, check out six of the best juicers available on the food mulching market. From fresh OJ to an eclectic blend of wheat grass and strawberries these juicers will handle it all. Some will even tackle those harder skinned veggies if you so wish...

1. Best for... Durability
Philips Robust Collection Juicer
The 90mm tube on this 1,200W aluminium juicer can juice whole veg. A stainless steel micro-mesh filter extracts all of the goodness.
Price: £300, www.philips.co.uk

2. Best for... Families
Anthony's Professional Juicer
With a stainless steel fi nish and wide feeding tube, this 950W juicer offers variable speeds for hard and soft fruit. Cheaper than the Philips, too.
Price: £110, www.breville.co.uk

3. Best for... Health
Samson 6-in-1 Juicer
Masticating juicers compress fruit and veg, squeezing out all the juice and retaining more nutrients. Power consumption is a low 160W.
Price: £160, www.betival.co.uk

4. Best for... Style
Magimix Le Duo XL
Available in red, black and silver, the Magimix has a feeding tube to match the Philips, a 400W motor and a citrus press attachment.
Price: £150, www.johnlewis.co.uk

5. Best for... Budget
Easy Health Manual Juicer
Attach this to a surface, pop in some fruit and turn the handle. Like the Matstone it’s a masticating juicer and hence retains more nutrients.
Price: £30, www.ukjuicers.com

6. Best for... Ease of use
Dualit Juice Extractor
Stainless steel 1,200W juicer with a double filter for creating juice without froth. It’ll also adjust its speed to suit the food being juiced.
Price: £100, www.dualit.com