Gamescom 2011 games trailers: Best in show at the Cologne gaming expo

Top trailers that caught our eye at the Cologne gaming expo

As we bid Gamescom farewell for another year, we take a look at the best games trailers unveiled at the Cologne gaming expo giving us an exciting outlook for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC gamers in 2011 and beyond

After a jam-packed E3 2011 brought us the Wii U, more on the PS Vita and a raft of new games, Gamescom 2011 has been giving gamers plenty more to get excited about.

While the surprise releases of the Sony PSP E-1000 and a cheaper Nintendo Wii Family Edition was by no means likely to get the juices flowing on the hardware front, there has been plenty more trailers teasing us with gripping action sequences and gameplay footage leaving us wanting more.

From Battlefield 3, to the re-birth of FIFA Street, here are five Gamescom 2011 official trailers that really caught our eye.

1/ Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

The latest in the Drake series where we see the budding adventurer remind us why it's amazing to be an explorer, we finally get to see more of that great-looking gameplay. The brutal style of Drake and his blatent disregard for his own safety are all pointing to it being another immense addition to the set.

Due: November 2011

2/ FIFA Street

The charicature graphics are no more, as EA Sports refreshes its FIFA Street franchise, and this is our first look at it. This trailer gives us a taste of the outlandish skills you will be able to master, and whether bringing back the action to the street, will prove a success.

Due: 2012

3/ Rayman Origins

Ok, so it's a trailer which has no gameplay whatsoever, yet it's still completely brilliant. Providing us with absolute hilarity, and a genius musical theme, if the game is as good as the trailer, then we're in for a treat. With supposedly addictive gameplay to boot, this is definitely our off-the-wall choice of the conference and we dare you not to be won over as well.

Due: Christmas 2011

4/ Battlefield 3: Caspian Border

How can you describe this trailer? Sheer carnage while casually screaming "we do explosions better than you!". The multiplayer gameplay looks phenomenal, could this be the game to steal CoD's multiplayer crown? Whatever we think the trailer is definitely saying 'Move aside CoD, Battlefield 3 is overtaking (and we have tanks)'.

Due: 28th October 2011

5/ Assasin's Creed: Revelations

And finally... When you combine dubstep, insane action sequences with flips, twirls and excessive jumps, and lots of killing, you're on the right tracks of trying to catch someone's attention. Ezio is back, and we can't wait to play this fourth instalment of the Creed franchise.

Due: 19th November 2011