Game glitches: Gaming errors we will never forget

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Whether you're a shooter fan, or perhaps more into the sporting games genre, glitches don't discriminate. Here's why we hate to love them

As the games continue to get better there's always been one constant, game glitches. Codings left with loose ends, accidental faults and shortcuts all leading to cars that fly, donkeys with wheels and plants with thumbs. Whether you find it frustrating or hilarious there's been real corkers and we've popped them into a list for your delectation.

Tiger Woods 2008 - The Jesus Shot

The EA Tiger Woods game franchise has not only provided hours of joystick pushing and pulling, meticulous shot placement and anger at that missed putt but the 2008 version also provided a new phenomenon. ‘The Jesus Shot’ as it was called by many, gave any player the ability to walk on water to play the game, due to a glitch in the EA Sports programming. As a follow up to this, EA fixed the glitch in the 2009 game, and created a response video which shows that even games publishers have a sense of humour.

Goldeneye - I'm Spinning Around...

The Nintendo 64 multiplayer game is regarded as one of the best multiplayer games ever, but also with one of the best glitches. Unexplainably, when the N64 game cartridge was leant on, would cause the in game characters to spin violently out of control. Consequently, if you're getting roundly owned by a mate this could be ended by simply giving the console a subtle nudge. One apologetic, innocent remark later and you’re in the clear and your dignity remains intact. Sore losers, this one’s for you…

Oblivion - So Many Watermelons...

Oblivion is probably the longest, most in-depth game in history and what better way to celebrate this by offering a glitch providing you with thousands of watermelons. More an easter egg than a true glitch it still leads to endless entertainment and a lot of watermelons.

Grand Theft Auto IV - The Swingset Glitch of Death

Right, Grand Theft Auto time. It’s hard to have a glitch list without including at least one GTA game. The “Swingset glitch of death” as many refer to it, in Grand Theft Auto 4, entails swings in Liberty City, Alderney refusing to get run over, and instead catapulting the car at high speed across the city. This glitch is so famous, it has a Wikipedia page, as well as a GTA Wiki page .

Skate 2 - Skydiving

Skate 2 was both a combination of joystick twiddling and button bashing which led to hours of kickflips, grinding and ollys, and was ultimately quite good fun. This featured glitch is an example of the so called skydive which involves dropping your board and jumping miles and miles through the air, defying the laws of physics in the process. When you land painfully at the end, you respawn and return to the arena…

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Thunder Dragon Game Breaker

Skyward Sword is Nintendo's sixteenth Legend of Zelda, and is by all accounts a great game. At least, it is unless you manage to stumble upon this glitch. During the 'Song of Hero' quest, if you decide to visit the Thunder Dragon first, and speak to a certain Golo the Goron both before and after your visit, none of the other events in the quest will occur. The result is that you have to return to a previous save or restart from the very beginning. And just three weeks after release too... oh dear.

Seen a great game glitch that we may have missed? Let us know in the comments below