Football 2011-12 season: How to get your footy fix

Best kit for staying on top of all the games this season

The new football season is almost upon us and whether you want to keep in touch with the footy scores, or want to know the best places to watch the beautiful game, here's the best hi-tech ways to stay on top of every game

Method…Watch it in 3D
Sky 3D Pub Finder

Keen to see a match in 3D, but don’t own a 3D set? Put your postcode into Sky’s 3D Pub Finder site and let your local serve up the spectacle/s.
Link: Sky 3D

Method...Stream it online
You didn’t hear it here, but this website offers links to foreign coverage of Premier League games not being shown by British channels.
Link: FreeFootball

Method...Catch it on the move
Slingbox Pro HD

This sucks content from your Sky, Virgin, BT or Freeview box and uploads it to the web, where it can then be accessed live via laptop or phone.
Price: £250,
Link: Sling Media

Method...Record it while you're out
Sky+ 1TB

You can save the whole of your team’s season on to one of Sky’s new mega-boxes – including pre- and post-match analysis.
Price: Box: From Free, Sub: £62.25 Per month
Link: Sky

Method...See it live
Soccer Stadium Guide app

Got tickets to the game? Download this Android app, which is your portable authority on local pubs, parking, viewing restrictions and more.
Price: £0.79 from Android Market

Method...Take matters into your own hands

The latest game in the chart-topping series includes players becoming disaffected in Career Mode, and all manner of gameplay tweaks.
Price: £45 ON XBOX, PS3, WII, PSP, PC
Link: EA
Launch date: From September 30

How to make your pub team play like Barcelona
Let professional coach Paul Williams whip your sorry lot into shape…

1 Defenders should go wide and push up the pitch.

2 Midfielders need to rotate positions constantly to give the player on the ball several passing options. The mantra: Receive. Pass. Offer.

3 Move the ball quickly to create goal-scoring chances. Unlock defences with one-touch passing and early shots.

4 When opponents have the ball, pressure them in packs. Force errors up the pitch and regain possession near their goal.

5 During opposition possession, play a high defensive line to compress the available space.