CES 2012 Predictions: What new tech will we see?

T3 tips for the Vegas tech showcase

CES 2012: It's where we find out about the best gadgets to buy in 2012. Here's what the T3 team hope to see at this year's Vegas tech show extravaganza

We've barely had time to take down the office tinsel and clear out our email inboxes, but in just a few days time T3 will be jetting off to Las Vegas to cover the biggest tech showcase of the year, CES 2012.

So, why do you need to care about CES? Well it's the place where we got our first look at Blu-ray technology, the first Xbox and 3D porn (ahem) amongst other tech to have found its way into our daily lives.

With SWAT-like precision we will be hunting out the hottest tech to buy in 2012, but can we expect to see unveiled at CES this year? Here's what our Vegas-bound team hope to see at this year's show.

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CES 2012 Predictions

Luke Peters (T3 Editor) (Follow on Twitter: @lukepeters)

This year my money's on apps and app-related tech. We're already seeing apps make their way from mobile devices to other lifestyle areas, such as TVs and cars, and I predict the infiltration will run into a wider range of consumer electronics and home appliances.

Kieran Alger (T3.com Editor) (Follow on Twitter: @kieranalger)

Expect to see a lot of familiar boxes being ticked by the big brands this year new tablets, more ultrabooks and the usual slew of new TVs. They’ll almost certainly all be 3D-ready and there will be additions to Smart TV ranges with improved services and content offerings. We’re also likely to see new outings for the glasses-free 3D prototypes and the obligatory highly desirable and eminently unaffordable OLED sets.

Rhi Morgan (Follow on Twitter: @rhiainm)

If last year is anything to go by, it's the surprise gadgets lurking inside CES that I'm looking forward to. Last year we glimpsed Toshiba's interactive 3D , LG's next-gen 3D and Sony's holographic future. The smaller companies serve-up some exciting tech too with the like of the AR-Drone last year and 3D-visors. I'll be trawling the halls searching for the next concept bit of kit and keeping an eye out for celebs.

Rob Temple (T3 Features Editor) (Follow on Twitter: @t3dotcom)

I would like to see more strange and pointless things than all the CES ghosts of Vegas past combined have thrown at us. We're more than likely going to see a lot of tablety things that are a bit like the iPad, a lot of iPod docks that are a bit like the Bose SoundDock and a lot of laptops that are a bit thinner than the last load of laptops. And iPhone cases. Lots and lots of iPhone cases. Yes, these are things we all need and love, but if you ask me the more triple-screen foldable tablets, televisions shaped like polar bears, electronic cigarettes controlled by the moon, freaky sex robots and iPock docks the size of Battersea Power Station the better, we can see the boring stuff any old day of the year. Bring on the weird, Vegas, you shiny bastard!

Matt Hill (T3 Deputy Editor) (Follow on Twitter: @gethill)

Tablets - oh the tablets. For the second year in a row there will be a deluge of second-rate slates to fend off with your weathered iPad, though the emerging battle between Transformer Prime-esque tabtop hybrids and the Ultrabook invasion should brighten up the portable computing landscape. Everything from tellies to cars will get bigger and more connected - although our dream of using our TV remote to drive the four-door to Waitrose seems unlikely on our Wi-Fi network - while the shadow of quadcore will hang over the smartphone market, crushing dual core contenders underneath its heft of unrealistic expectation. There will also be loads of amazing 4G support will be irrelevant to us Brits for at least another year.