Car breakdown kit: 12 emergency essentials

Tech you should never drive off from the house without

Stuck in a lay-by? We've got you covered. T3 unveils the best emergency kit for when your car breaks down

You're driving at night along a remote road, miles from the nearest garage when your car’s engine makes a sound that can only be described as deeply worrying. This is the situation all drivers dread, but if you’ve stored this essential car boot survival kit you’ll have everything you need to make a quick repair, or stay warm until the rescue truck arrives…

Read below for T3's breakdown kit: 12 emergency essentials

Black & Decker Simple Start
Suitable for small petrol engines under 2,000cc, this boosts your car battery to get you on the road again. It can also charge your gadgets.
Price: £52
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Rapid digital tyre inflator
Powered by your car’s cigarette lighter, the Rapid can inflate your tyre to road-legal pressure in just 3.5 seconds, without the need for any tiresome foot-pumping.
Price: £35
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Exo2 Stormrider heated body warmer
Designed to heat your torso on motorbike rides, this warming gilet is also useful if you’re confi ned to your car in winter.
Price: £180
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Silverpoint X-Glow Cree LED
This small but powerful torch can emit 80 lumens for six hours. Its multi-facet refl ector provides a smooth beam of light and a spotlight.
Price: £25
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AA medium first aid kit
Everything you need to treat minor medical emergencies on the road. An in-car essential.
Price: £10
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Petzl e+LITE
This headlamp can also attach to your wrist or an inanimate object, illuminating your battery while you attach jump leads or your tyre while you swear at it.
Price: £28
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Heatmax hot hand warmer
Rip open the seal on one of these palm-size pouches and enjoy ten hours of 52-62°C heat.
Price: £1.40
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AA fire extinguisher
Simple to use and easily stored, this compact extinguisher is suitable for petrol and gas fires.
Price: £12
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Gerber Evo multitool
Has a total of 12 functions, including wire cutter, saw blade, scissors and a serrated knife. Very handy in a roadside emergency.
Price: £40
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Ecco GPS keychain
Considering trekking to the nearest garage but worried about finding your way back to the car? Lock your starting location into this chunky, GPS-enhanced fob and it’ll guide your way back.
Price: £70
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Four-arm wheel wrench
This robust wheel nut wrench wrests tight nuts from your wheels, allowing you to quickly change that flat tyre.
Price: £10
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2,000kg tow rope
Capable of tugging most small to medium cars, this heavy duty rope attaches to your vehicle with two ultra-tough snap hooks.
Price: £13
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