BlackBerry OS 7 features you need to know about

What to expect from the new BlackBerry operating system

As RIM announces a raft of new BlackBerry OS 7 smartphones, we take a look at the best OS 7 features packed inside you can look forward to

Set to take on Android and iOS, RIM announced this week a slew of new BlackBerry smartphones including the BlackBerry Torch 9810, which come packing its BlackBerry OS 7 operating system.

Hoping to shake off that 'business' phone tag, OS 7 brings a host new features to make your smartphone feel, well, a little smarter.

To find out what you can look forward to, read on for snapshot look at the best BlackBerry OS 7 features you need to know about.

1/ Browser
BlackBerry claims that OS 7 browsing is 40% faster than BlackBerry 6 smartphones and 100% faster than BlackBerry 5 smartphones. This is made possible by the new hardware which includes a new processor and an advanced WebKit browser engine.

2/ Liquid Graphics Interface
Helping to create a more multimedia-friendly interface, the new Liquid Graphics technology will deliver high resolution displays, slicker graphics and a more responsive touchscreen.

3/ BlackBerry Balance
Ideal if you want to keep work and personal life separate, the new function will create two individual streams of content all on the one device.

4/ HTML5
Like Apple's iOS operating system, OS 7 will have greater support for HTML5 which should in turn help to create more impressive gaming and video experiences on your BlackBerry device.

5/ BlackBerry Messenger 6
Following on from the success of its popular predecessor, the all new BBM will be integrated into OS 7, bringing real-time communication integrated into a range of new apps.

6/ Social Feeds 2.0
Keep on top of all your multimedia consumption with the new social feed which lets you view all your media, podcasts and favourites all in one place.

7/ Facebook 2.0
The Facebook BlackBerry app now includes Facebook chat and perhaps more importantly, BBM integration making it an even easier way to stay in touch.

8/ Free work applications
OS 7 handsets will now come installed with the premium version of Documents To Go and a PDF ensuring your 'Berry is still a great place to get some work done while you're away from the office.

9/ BlackBerry Protect
Keep your contacts and personal data secure in the cloud with the BlackBerry Protect service that also comes pre-installed on OS 7 devices.

10/ Universal Search Capability
The new search tool now supports voice search activation letting you speak into the device to start a new web search.

BlackBerry Torch 9810 and BlackBerry Torch 9860 video

BlackBerry OS 7 video

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