Best work gadgets: Toys

Take a timeout with an executive plaything

All work and no play makes you a dull boy or girl, and raises your stress levels to boot. So embrace your fun-loving side today, before cardiac arrest or stapler-hurling hissy fit ruins your working week. From leather-clad chess sets to indoor golf and ten-pin bowling, these are the luxury accessories you need to turn your drab office into a place you’ll enjoy spending time in. Newton’s Cradle not included.

1. Ten-pin miniature set
Focus all your pent-up frustration on these ten 20cm pins.
Price: £88,
Link: Artisanti

2. Dal Negro contemporary walnut chess cabinet
Sit this Italian-made chess set on your desk and its handturned maple and walnut pieces will lend you the gravitas of a grand master.
Price: £130,
Link: Regency

3. Double leather hipflasks
Drinking during offi ce hours isn’t wise, but this duo of three-ounce cognac and espresso, suede fl asks make it ever so appealing.
Price: £69,
Link: Aspinal

4. Broadway Cine camera
A brazen exercise in form over function this video cam can’t capture anything on celluloid, but its luxe, vintage-style design will look good on a bookcase.
Price: £113,
Link: Artisanti

5. Wooden puzzle three pack
These brain teasers must be taken apart and reassembled. Note: that’s not as easy as it may initially appear…
Price: £10,
Link: John Lewis

6. Jackson cigar ashtray
A carved rosewood box replete with cigar cutter and rest. Best saved for the home offi ce for boring, health and safety reasons.
Price: £325,
Link: David Linley

7. Office golf set
With a collapsible putter and chrome target this golf set, designed by Marc Berthier, brings the green to you.
Price: £39,
Link: Conran

8. Apple iPod Touch
The ultimate distraction, the Touch is adept at gaming, music-playing, websurfing and now has a 720p video cam and hi-res display.
Price: FROM £189,
Link: Apple

9. Flick football
Swipe the Touch’s screen to net tricky free kicks.
Price: £0.59,
Link: Apple