Best wine coolers to buy

Keep those bottles cool

Give your vintage vino and congratulatory bottles of Champagne the kind of refined living space they truly deserve with our selection of fine wine homes to keep your booze in perfect drinking shape.

Best for...Built in storage
AEG Electrolux SW98820-5R

This stainless steel wine cooler needs to be built into your kitchen cabinets. It can hold 36 bottles of wine and features a removable temperature divider that lets you split the cooler into two sections - one set to 12 to 18 degrees Centigrade for storing red wine and a white wine section set to six to 12 degrees Centigrade. There's also an air-circulation system, LED temperature display and an alarm on the door.
Price: £1,500
Link: AEG Electrolux

Best for...Serious collectors
Amana Precision W208SS
One for true oenophiles, this jumbo freestander has room for 208 bottles, stored in three sections. The central zone is at 10 to 14 degrees Centigrade for storage of red; there's a section at room temperature at the top for bottles you're readying to drink; the bottom is at six to eight degrees Centigrade, for white wine and fizz. Caution: your two-for-one bottles of Ernst and Julio may look a tad out of place here.
Price: £3,500
Link: Amana

Best for...Affordable style
Caple Sense WI6223
The Caple Sense Wi6223 sits flush with your kitchen cabinets and has separate compartments for vino of the red and white kinds. The temperature appears on the front-mounted LED and can be adjusted from 3-18 degrees Centigrade. Fan-assisted operation prevents the cooler from becoming too humid and the glass features UV protection. It's ideal, affordable storage for up to 38 bottles.
Price: £600
Link: Caple

Best for...Safe storage
Liebherr Grand Cru Wine Cabinet
This cabinet has six wooden shelves for holding up to 162 bottles at a constant temperature, from 5-22 degree Centigrade. There's a fan to keep humidity at an acceptable level and, with a sturdy lock and an alarm system, you can be sure that your prized bottles of Petrus or Margaux can continue to age to perfection, safe from wine thieves or house guests who are overly "anxious for the booze".
Price: £1,175
Link: Wine Ware

Best for...Controlled conditions
Samsung RW52DASS
It's not just temperature that needs to be correct when storing wine, maintaining the optimum humidity is also important, to prevent corks drying out. Samsung's 52-bottle wine cooler has separate compartments for red and white wine and keeps humidity between 55 and 75 per cent. The glass door is also resistant to UV, should you be forced to store your wine in direct sunlight.
Price: £500
Link: Samsung

Best for...Tight spaces and budgets
Wine Essential Cellar
This compact unit is ideal for small kitchens or home bars. It keeps wine at your chosen temperature - between five and 22 degrees Centigrade - using a convection system to keep air circulating evenly. You can only fit six bottles so if you're a true wine-lover you'll probably need more space, but it's a bargain-price option for those running out of room in fridges and cupboards.
Price: £130
Link: Drink Stuff