title: Best Windows Phone 7 apps to download in 2012 / url: Best-Windows-Phone-7-apps-to-download-in-2012



Not uttered a word of French since your GCSE oral exam? Bing’s Translator app should help jog your memory. Simply type or speak words into your phone to increase your linguistic skills or additionally use point your phone camera at words that used to mean something to you a long, long time ago

Price: Free | Translator Windows Phone 7 review



Now Windows Phone owners can do practically everything you can on thetrainline.com from searching scheduled train times, and buying tickets that can be sent to you or collected at the station while the GPS support means you can find the nearest station to find your quickest route out of the sticks.

Price: Free | thetrainline.com Windows Phone 7 review


Turbo Camera

An essential camera app download for Windows Phone users, Turbo Camera delivers a burst mode taking pictures at 14-16 frames per second which means you increase the chances of snapping the perfect pic. Users can also turn images into a .gif file making it prime tool for viral notoriety.

Price: £0.79 | Download Turbo Camera Windows Phone 7 app



We’ve all fallen victim to it. The discovery of a real beauty, a view that’s got the ‘Wow’ factor - but alas, our camera lens is simply not wide enough to capture the magic. No more. Photosynth is a panorama app like no other - it is able to capture 360 degrees horizontally and vertically, which Microsoft says creates a perfect ‘sphere’.

Price: Free | Photosynth Windows Phone 7 review



Mixtapes is a platform game where you play as a giraffe, Raffey, in a quest to get to the top of the tree to munch on them sweet, sweet leaves. No, it’s not. It’s an app (based on 8tracks.com) where you can listen to mixtapes compiled by other humans/giraffes just like you.

Price: Free | Mixtapes Windows Phone 7 review