title: Best Windows Phone 7 apps to download first / url: Best-Windows-Phone-7-apps-to-download-first


1. Bejeweled LIVE

The puzzler that shows up on most mobile platforms out there now arrives for Windows Phone 7. Swap, move and match multiple gems for dazzling, high-carat fun. Show off your Bejeweled prowess by earning special Xbox Live achievements and climb up global Xbox Live leaderboards.

Price: £3.99


2. Tetris

The iconic puzzler unsurprisingly makes its way onto the Windows Marketplace, ready to soak up hours of your commuting time. There's Marathon mode plus up to 12 Tetris variations. It is of course, integrated with Xbox Live, so you'll be able to let the world know of your brick-laying prowess.        

Price: £3.99


3. WeatherPro

The mobile weather app from Europe's weather specialists features 7-day forecasts and weather  reports for over 2,000,000 locations worldwide. A simple, but nonetheless essential app to store on your smartphone.

Price: £2.49


4. Rocket Riot

Giving us a taste of what we can expect from the Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live integration, this side view shooter game is one of the first games to be ported from the Marketplace. Taking out jet-pack wearing villains with a bazooka is the simple aim, and the good news is that you can try it before you buy it, should you be put off by the steep app price.

Price: £5.49


5. Twitter

The micro-blogging site squeezes its way onto the Windows Marketplace letting you Tweet, do real-time searches, see trending topics, Tweet share photos and pretty much anything else that you'd expect to do on the social networking site.

Price: Free


6. E-bay

The online auction site now has a Window Phone 7 app presence, bringing with it search, bid and activity checking functions. It's also quite handy for keeping an eye on your sales when you can't reach for your computer.

Price: Free


7. Facebook

The social networking beast gives you full reign of the usual Facebook features, so you can post status updates, check your news feed, upload badly taken photos and of course indulge in some mild stalking of your friends activities.

Price: Free


8. Tube Companion

With strikes becoming more of a regular occurrence these days, it's always handy to have some help to negotiate your way to work hassle-free. Tube Companion gives you live status reports on all tube lines, a live departure board, and weekend closure, so you can quickly decide whether you need to pop onto a Boris bike.

Price: Free


9. Train Times

If the tube lets you down, you may have to turn your attention to the overground. You can plan your future journeys to help avoid delays, see the nearest stations in your current location and remembers the most recently used stations, if for some reason you forget how to get home.

Price: £1.99


10. The Harvest

The success of Windows Phone 7 could lie with its gaming capability, with this visually impressive sci-fi RPG a fitting example of what gamers can look forward to on the platform. Set in a future Earth years after the fallout of a destructive alien invasion, your job is to fight off waves of The Harvester horde and take out end level enemy bosses. You can see The Harvest Windows Phone 7 video here to see what it's all about.

Price: 5.49