Best viral videos: Video games we wish were real

Real-life parodies of iconic gaming titles

What would happen if the madness that gets crammed into game discs were a reflection on real life? Or Vice-versa? We've scoured youtube for the answer; Here's the best gaming spoofs to make you chuckle

In a week where that spikey-blue haired hedgehog Sonic turned twenty, it took the T3 team way back to a time of 16-bit consoles and six week summer holidays which you could easily spend in the confines of your bedroom with the Sega classic.

While also weighing up the key factors in a debate over who would win in a fight between Sonic and Mario, we also wondered what it would be like if our favourite gaming characters came to life.

Cue a rummage around the web to find the finest real-life gaming parodies. From LA Noire to Mario Kart, see below for our pick of the best. Seen something even better? Let us know on the T3 Twitter feed.

LA Noire

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Mario Kart

Super Mario

Grand Theft Auto