Best vacuum cleaners to buy

Hoover your way into domestic bliss with these bad boys

No one likes having to do chores, but unless you want to one day open the door to an animal infesttation in your living room, grab one of these dust-busting devices to keep your pad spotless.

Best for...Handheld cleaning
Black and Decker Dustbuster Flexi Hand Vac PD1200

By integrating the motor into the filter of the PD1200, Black and Decker has produced an extremely compact handheld vacuum. The hose, which also acts as the handle, sucks up dirt from those tricky-to-reach areas such as under cupboards. A soft brush for textiles and a turbo one for pet hair are also included.
Price: £80
Link: Black and Decker

Best for...Urban hipsters
Dyson City DC26
Small enough to fit onto an A4 piece of paper and 2kg lighter than a conventional cylinder vacuum cleaner, the Dyson City is perfect for more cramped, inner-city flats. Its 160 watts of pure suction proves power hasn't been compromised, while RootCyclone technology ensures there's no loss of suction as it fills up. Dyson's usual bagless design is easy to empty.
Price: £250
Link: Dyson

Best for... Convenience
Electrolux Ergorapido 2-IN-1
Built for ease, the ErgoRapido is a cordless vacuum, so there's no need to wrestle with a power cable. The front clips off to become a handheld cleaner for upholstery and car interiors, the rotating brushroll is suitable for both carpets and wooden floors, while the bagless design makes emptying it hassle-free. It's available in gold, green, blue, red and grey.
Price: £80
Link: Electrolux

Best for...Large Households
Miele S7
Miele's first upright vacuum cleaner has a swivelling head for effortless manoeuvrability and can lie fl at on the floor, allowing you to reach troublesome under-sofa fluff. The 14.5m cable will reach around the largest rooms and adjustable power settings suit carpets and hard floors alike. Pet and allergy versions are also available, as is one with an LED light for illuminating crevices.
Price: From £260
Link: Miele

Best for...Chore dodgers
Samsung Navibot SR8845E
If you haven't got the time or the inclination to clean you might want to consider this robo-vac. The Navibot's integrated camera takes a picture of your room, selects an optimum cleaning path and then begins vacuuming - built-in sensors detect obstructions so that it avoids collisions. When its battery runs low it automatically returns to its charging station. Bosh.
Price: £430
Link: Samsung

Best for...Tough cleaning
Vax Mach Air
The Vax Mach Air offers all the suction power of a full-size multi-cyclone upright vacuum cleaner, yet it weighs a third less so is more convenient to manoeuvre and, to ensure that suction remains constant and blockages don't occur, dust is broken up by constantly spinning air. With a TurboTool for picking up stubborn pet hair and an anti-bacterial filter, the Vax is one tough sucker.
Price: £180
Link: Vax